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AEW Collision Roster: Soft Roster Split Info and More

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All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has reportedly concluded its ‘soft’ roster split between its two flagship shows, AEW Dynamite and AEW Collision.

This strategic move, initially designed to manage talent dynamics and storylines, has been a talking point among wrestling enthusiasts for some time.

The soft split was notably a mechanism to separate certain wrestlers due to personal differences, most prominently between The Elite and CM Punk.

AEW Collision Roster: Behind the Scenes of the Roster Strategy

The rationale behind the soft split was to accommodate wrestlers who preferred not to work with CM Punk, assigning them primarily to Dynamite, while those amenable to working with Punk were featured on Collision.

However, following the departure of CM Punk from AEW, the need for this separation has diminished. Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer reported that with Punk’s exit, the roster split is effectively nullified, allowing talents to appear on both shows.

Tony Khan’s Vision for AEW Collision

AEW President Tony Khan, in a post-show media scrum for AEW All Out 2023, hinted at the evolving role of AEW Collision in the company’s programming.

He suggested that working on Collision might be more suitable for wrestlers like Danielson, who have family commitments. This indicates a strategic shift in how AEW utilizes its talent across its shows.

Implications for AEW’s Future

The dissolution of the soft roster split marks a significant change in AEW’s operational strategy. It reflects a flexible approach to talent management and show production, potentially leading to more dynamic and unpredictable programming.

This change could also signify a shift in AEW’s internal culture, potentially promoting a more unified roster.


  • What was the AEW soft roster split? The soft roster split was a strategy where AEW separated its talent between Dynamite and Collision, primarily due to personal differences among wrestlers.
  • Why has AEW ended the soft roster split? The split was largely influenced by the presence of CM Punk and his dynamics with other wrestlers. With Punk’s departure, the rationale for the split no longer exists.
  • How will this change affect AEW Collision? AEW Collision is expected to feature a broader range of talent, including major stars like Danielson, making the show more integral to AEW’s overall programming.
  • What does this mean for wrestlers like Danielson? Wrestlers like Danielson may find Collision a better fit, especially considering personal commitments, as the show’s schedule might be more accommodating.
  • Will this change lead to more crossover between Dynamite and Collision? Yes, with the end of the soft split, wrestlers are now free to appear on both Dynamite and Collision, leading to more crossover opportunities.
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