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AEW struggling with Collision ticket sales despite CM Punk announcement

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AEW Collision ticket sales are not going as expected.

AEW’s third weekly show is set to debut in a few days on June 17. The company has confirmed that CM Punk will be making his return at the show’s premiere. Fightfans can exclusively confirm that as of last week, the former champion was set to wrestle on the night of his return.

While the announcement of his return has created a buzz for the debut episode of the new series, it doesn’t seem to be helping the show as a whole. According to latest reports, the ticket sales for collision are not going as expected.

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Collision ticket sales are bad

Dave Meltzer of F4Wonline provided some update on the show recently. He noted that while CM Punk’s name has helped boost the sales for the episode in Chicago, it’s not the case in other places:

‘They’re bad. Punk has been moving tickets in Chicago but not in the other places. Not in Toronto which is not a good sign because Toronto is one of the greatest markets in North America. They sold out Forbidden Door in a snap of the fingers. And then for the Collision show, they’re still under 2,000 tickets in Scotiabank Arena.”

Meltzer noted how some Dynamite episodes are also struggling to sell tickets. He explained that in Canada, the low ticket sales for Collision can be attributed to the lack of a TV deal for the show:

“They’re at 700 tickets for the Collision in Hamilton. I also think part of it is that in Canada they only get Dynamite on television. They don’t get Rampage and there’s been no announcements of Collision.’

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