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Adam Cole reveals scary details about his recent injury

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Concussion is one of the scariest injuries to have for wrestlers.

Talents can feel the effects of it months after suffering the injury and in many cases it could also end careers. Adam Cole felt these effects very recently after getting a concussion last year. At one point, the AEW star was even worried for his career.

The former NXT star recently joined Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio (H/t Fightful) to discuss the extent of his injury. Cole revealed that he was experiencing symptoms very late in his recovery process, and he was worried that he would never wrestle again:

“There was a lot of stuff that was happening very late into the healing process, or what I thought was late, like a month-and-a-half, two months. But I was genuinely very, very nervous, and really afraid that I might be told I’m not allowed to wrestle again.”

Adam Cole on his scary battle with concussion

Revealing some of the side effects of his injury, Cole first mentioned how he experienced memory loss. He also had trouble staying in the car for long, and there were times when he got emotional without an apparent cause:

“There would be times where, for no reason, I would just start crying. She [Britt Baker] ]would ask me what’s wrong or what’s happened, and I genuinely would look at her, and I meant it, and I would say, ’˜I don’t know. I have no idea why I’m so emotional.’”

Adam Cole has been out of action since the Forbidden Door PPV last June. AEW has not announced a date for his ring return yet.

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Martin MacDonald