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Does Adam Copeland have HEAT with AEW star over recent promo?

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Ricky Starks does not have heat with Adam Copeland over their AEW Collision promo.

The October 14 episode of Collision saw the two AEW stars coming face to face in a promo battle. The segment started as a confrontation between Copeland and his longtime friend Christian Cage.

Things escalated when both Bryan Danielson and Ricky Starks also made their way to the ring. This led to an unexpected promo battle between Coepland and Starks with both the stars taking personal shots at each other.

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No Heat Between Adam Copeland and Ricky Starks

The nature of this exchange forced many to think that there was more to this story. Fightful Select, however, suggests that this isn’t the case and there is no heat backstage:

“Those that we’ve spoken to said there didn’t appear to be any heat backstage, and that generally speaking Adam Copeland does not get rattled by promos like that, but writes his own material and has since the WWE days. In the moment, it was said he was just trying to give back what was given to him.”

According to them, Ricky Starks wasn’t upset with anything Copeland said either and he has heard all of that before. People expect similar back and forth between the two in future without any concern of escalation:

“Sources familiar with the situation that if they end up having another in-ring promo, it’ll be a similar back-and-forth and there aren’t any concerns of things escalating to an unprofessional level or anything with them.”

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Martin MacDonald