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Adam Copeland reveals VERY DIFFERENT upcoming career plans

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Adam Copeland, widely recognized as the “Rated-R Superstar” in the wrestling world, has recently divulged his plans for a career shift that is quite unexpected.

In a candid interview with Busted Open Radio, Copeland expressed his desire to author a children’s book and learn to play the guitar after retiring from wrestling.

AEW News: A New Chapter Post-Wrestling

Copeland’s illustrious career in wrestling has seen him achieve remarkable feats, including a sensational return at the 2020 Royal Rumble match and engaging storylines in WWE and AEW.

As he approaches the twilight of his wrestling career, Copeland is setting his sights on more serene pursuits. His interest in writing a children’s book stems from his experience as a father, wanting to create something that resonates with kids, including his own.

AEW News: The Inspiration Behind the Career Shift

The decision to venture into children’s literature is not just a random choice for Copeland. Being a parent himself, he finds the idea of crafting stories for children both exciting and meaningful.

He also mentioned the possibility of writing the second part of his autobiography, given the significant events in his life since the first publication.

In addition to his literary aspirations, Copeland expressed a keen interest in learning to play the guitar. This pursuit, he says, is purely for personal satisfaction, a way to enjoy his time post-retirement.

Copeland’s Current Wrestling Endeavours

Despite these future plans, Copeland remains active in the wrestling scene. He is currently involved in AEW, where he relishes competing against the young talent.

His next appearance is scheduled against Minoru Suzuki in an attempt to reclaim the TNT Championship.


  • What is Adam Copeland’s new career interest?
    • He plans to write a children’s book and learn to play the guitar after retiring from wrestling.
  • Why does Copeland want to write a children’s book?
    • As a father, he finds the idea of creating stories for children, including his own, both exciting and meaningful.
  • Is Adam Copeland still wrestling?
    • Yes, he is currently active in AEW and is set to compete against Minoru Suzuki for the TNT Championship.
  • Has Copeland written a book before?
    • Yes, he has authored an autobiography and is considering writing a second part.
  • What is the motivation behind learning the guitar?
    • Copeland wants to learn guitar purely for personal enjoyment post-retirement.
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