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WWE Legend says he is “FREE” in AEW

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Adam Copeland, a renowned figure in the wrestling world, recently opened up about his transition from WWE to All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

In a candid interview on the Busted Open Radio podcast, Copeland shared his feelings about his new environment and reflected on his time at WWE.

Copeland’s Newfound Freedom in AEW

Copeland’s move to All Elite Wrestling has been a significant talking point among wrestling fans. He described his experience in AEW as feeling ‘free’, a term he quickly clarified.

He emphasised that his use of ‘freedom’ should not imply that he felt ‘jailed’ in WWE. Copeland expressed his appreciation for WWE, acknowledging that it offered him considerable creative freedom.

However, he also recognized that continuing with WWE might have led to repetitive storylines, which could have stifled his creative expression.

A Former WWE Champion’s Perspective

Since joining AEW, Copeland has achieved notable success, including a brief stint as the TNT Champion before losing the title to Christian Cage.

This achievement marks a new chapter in his illustrious career, showcasing his versatility and adaptability in different wrestling environments.

The Decision to Join AEW

Copeland’s decision to join the company wasn’t made lightly. He weighed three potential paths before committing to Tony Khan’s promotion.

It was only after joining that he fully realised the extent of the creative freedom available to him, which surpassed what he experienced in WWE.

This freedom has allowed him to explore new aspects of his character and engage in storylines that reignite his passion for wrestling.


  • What did Adam Copeland say about his time in WWE? Copeland stated that he never felt ‘jailed’ in WWE and had a considerable amount of creative freedom.
  • Why did Copeland choose to join All Elite Wrestling? He joined AEW for a new experience and greater creative freedom, feeling that staying in WWE might lead to repetitive storylines.
  • Has Copeland won any titles in AEW? Yes, he briefly held the TNT Championship in AEW.
  • What does Copeland’s move to AEW signify for his career? His move to AEW signifies a new chapter where he can explore different creative avenues and refresh his wrestling persona.
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