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Adam Copeland reveals WHY he left WWE for AEW

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Adam Copeland, better known to wrestling fans as Edge, recently made headlines with his surprising move from WWE to AEW.

The WWE Hall of Famer’s decision to switch brands has left many fans curious about the reasons behind his departure. In a candid revelation, Copeland took to social media to shed light on his decision.

Adam Copeland made a dramatic entrance into AEW during the closing moments of the WrestleDream pay-per-view on October 1st.

He came to the rescue of Sting and Darby Allin, who were under attack from Nick Wayne, Luchasaurus, and Copeland’s old friend, Christian Cage.

Adam Copeland: Outgrowing WWE

In a heartfelt message on Twitter, Copeland expressed his gratitude towards WWE, the company that had been his home for 25 years. He acknowledged the immense opportunities and experiences WWE provided him, even crediting the company for introducing him to his life partner.

However, he also highlighted that relationships evolve over time. In his words, he and WWE had “outgrown each other”.

While he harboured a desire to take on more challenges, WWE seemingly had limited avenues for him. Despite the departure, Copeland emphasised his continued support for WWE and his friends there.

The Wrestling Landscape

Copeland addressed the divisive sentiment among fans regarding allegiance to one wrestling company over another.

He urged fans to enjoy wrestling for the entertainment it offers rather than getting caught up in company rivalries. He believes that having multiple successful wrestling companies benefits everyone in the industry and pushes performers to elevate their game.

As a lifelong wrestling enthusiast, Copeland finds the current landscape exhilarating, with numerous companies showcasing wrestling on national and global platforms.

Adam Copeland: A New Chapter in AEW

Expressing his excitement about joining AEW, Copeland mentioned the fresh challenges awaiting him. He looks forward to collaborating with familiar faces and is eager to participate in a series of first-time matches.

He assured fans that regardless of the brand he represents, his commitment to delivering top-notch performances remains unwavering.

Copeland’s passion for wrestling is evident, and he encourages fans to relish the sport and have fun, just as he plans to do every time he steps into the AEW ring.


  • Why did Adam Copeland leave WWE?
    • Copeland felt he and WWE had outgrown each other. He sought new challenges which WWE couldn’t offer at that time.
  • When did Copeland make his AEW debut?
    • He debuted in AEW during the WrestleDream pay-per-view on October 1.
  • What was Copeland’s message to fans regarding wrestling companies?
    • He urged fans to enjoy wrestling as entertainment and not get entangled in company rivalries. He believes multiple successful wrestling companies are beneficial for the industry.
  • Is Copeland excited about his move to AEW?
    • Absolutely! He’s looking forward to new challenges, working with familiar faces, and participating in first-time matches.
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