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AEW All In: HUGE discrepancy in attendance reported by local authority

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All Elite Wrestling (AEW) recently held what they proclaimed to be their most significant event to date: AEW All In London.

This event, hosted at the iconic Wembley Stadium, was not only historic for the matches it showcased but also for the attendance figures it reported.

The company proudly announced that the event set a new global record for the highest-paid attendance for a professional wrestling event, boasting a staggering 81,035 fans.

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AEW All In: Scepticism Surrounding the Numbers

However, in the world of professional wrestling, where storylines often blur the lines of reality, many were sceptical about this new record.

The wrestling community is no stranger to inflated attendance numbers, especially with WWE’s history of occasionally exaggerating these figures. This scepticism led to further investigations into the actual number of attendees.

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The Real Turnstile Count

Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics took the initiative to dig deeper. According to information obtained from the Freedom of Information office for the Brett Civic Centre, the actual turnstile count for AEW All In London was 72,265.

This figure represents the number of individuals who physically entered Wembley Stadium on the event night.

It’s essential to differentiate between the turnstile count and the total number of tickets sold, as the latter can include no-shows or tickets purchased but not used.

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Comparing with Typical AEW Events

To put this discrepancy into perspective, a source from Wrestlenomics highlighted that a typical AEW event usually has a turnstile count ranging from 80% to 90% of the total paid attendance or tickets distributed.

With WrestleTix’s final estimate of tickets for the event being 83,131, the turnstile count of 72,265 represents approximately 89% of this figure.

This falls within the average range for AEW events, suggesting that the discrepancy might not be as significant as initially thought.

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Tony Khan’s Statement

During the AEW All In media scrum, Tony Khan, the president of AEW, provided further insights. He mentioned that when accounting for complimentary tickets and other personnel present, there were over 90,000 individuals in Wembley Stadium for the event.

This figure, if accurate, would indeed make the event one of the most attended in professional wrestling history.

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