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AEW All In London 2024 Tickets: Pre-sale does VERY well

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The pre-sale for AEW All In London 2024 has witnessed an impressive turnout, underscoring the ongoing popularity of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) in the United Kingdom.

The event, scheduled to take place at the iconic Wembley Stadium on August 25th, 2024, has already set the stage for what promises to be an unforgettable experience for wrestling fans.

The pre-sale, which began on November 27th 2023, has seen a surge in ticket sales, reflecting the anticipation and excitement among the AEW fanbase.

Despite the event being several months away and no matches announced yet, the early ticket sales have been robust. This enthusiasm is a testament to AEW’s growing influence in the wrestling world and its ability to draw crowds.

AEW All In 2024: AEW’s Strategic Planning Pays Off

AEW’s decision to announce the date for All In London 2 at Wembley Stadium well in advance has paid dividends.

The strategic planning and marketing have helped generate significant interest, with fans eager to secure their spots for this marquee event.

The success of the pre-sale is indicative of AEW’s deepening footprint in the international wrestling scene.

Impressive Pre-sale Figures

According to WrestleTix, the pre-sale has been a resounding success. In the first two days of pre-sale activity, a total of 27,349 tickets were sold, with 13,054 remaining from the total allocation of 40,403.

This brisk sale pace is comparable to, if not surpassing, previous AEW events, highlighting the brand’s escalating popularity.

AEW All In: Historical Context and Future Expectations

The inaugural All In London event drew over 70,000 attendees and achieved 200,000 PPV buys, making it the most-purchased AEW PPV event of 2023.

This year’s event is on track to replicate, if not exceed, these impressive figures. The anticipation for All In London 2 is further heightened by Tony Khan’s announcement that AEW won’t return to the UK in 2024 after this event, adding an element of exclusivity.

Wrestlers and Fans Alike Eager for the Event

The wrestling community is buzzing with excitement for All In London 2. Wrestlers such as Will Ospreay have expressed their eagerness for significant matchups, while Bryan Danielson’s participation has already been confirmed by Tony Khan.

The lack of a detailed match card has not dampened the spirits of fans, who are eagerly awaiting further announcements.


  • When is AEW All In London 2024 scheduled?
    • The event is scheduled for August 25, 2024.
  • Where will AEW All In London 2024 be held?
    • It will be held at Wembley Stadium, London.
  • How many tickets were sold in the pre-sale?
    • 27,349 tickets were sold in the first two days of the pre-sale.
  • Will there be more AEW events in the UK in 2024?
    • Tony Khan has announced that there will be no more AEW events in the UK after All In London 2 in 2024.
  • Are the matches for the event announced yet?
    • No matches have been announced yet, but Bryan Danielson is confirmed to compete.

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