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AEW and former WWE Superstar CONCERNED about wrestling MONOPOLY

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Adam Copeland, a renowned figure in the world of professional wrestling, recently expressed his concerns about the potential for a monopoly in the industry.

Having achieved remarkable success in WWE and now a prominent figure in AEW, Copeland’s perspective carries significant weight in the wrestling community.

During an interview with Sports Illustrated, Copeland emphasised the importance of having multiple platforms for wrestlers to showcase their talents. He believes that a monopoly in the wrestling industry is detrimental, not just for the performers but also for the fans.

“Any time there is more than one place to ply your trade, that’s good for everyone who is part of that trade,” Copeland stated.

AEW News: The Fan’s Perspective – Diversity in Wrestling

Reflecting on his own experiences as a wrestling fan, Copeland highlighted the joy and excitement of discovering various wrestling promotions.

He reminisced about his eagerness to access NWA tapes, despite growing up in an area dominated by WWF broadcasts. This diversity, he argues, enriches the fan experience, allowing enthusiasts to explore a wide range of wrestling styles and talents.

Copeland’s enthusiasm for AEW is palpable. He sees the promotion as a unique platform that offers something special to the wrestling world.

“It’s so cool to see different wrestling. This is really special, and I’m having a blast being here,” he remarked. His comments reflect a broader sentiment in the wrestling community that values variety and choice.

AEW News: The Future of Wrestling in Copeland’s Eyes

As Copeland continues to make waves in AEW with his weekly ‘Cope Open’, his insights into the industry’s dynamics are particularly relevant.

His concerns about a potential monopoly resonate with many who believe in the importance of maintaining a competitive and diverse wrestling landscape.


  • Who is Adam Copeland?
    • Adam Copeland is a former WWE superstar now active in AEW, known for his significant contributions to professional wrestling.
  • What concerns does Copeland have about the wrestling industry?
    • Copeland is concerned about the possibility of a monopoly in the wrestling industry, emphasizing the need for multiple platforms for wrestlers and fans.
  • Why does Copeland value diversity in wrestling?
    • He believes that having various wrestling promotions enriches the fan experience and provides more opportunities for wrestlers.
  • How does Copeland view AEW?
    • Copeland sees AEW as a unique and special platform in the wrestling world, offering diverse and exciting content.
  • What is the ‘Cope Open’?
    • The ‘Cope Open’ is a weekly event in AEW featuring Adam Copeland, showcasing his ongoing involvement and impact in the wrestling community.
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