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AEW Collision: Backstage update on how important this week’s show is

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In the world of professional wrestling, ratings are a crucial barometer of success. They reflect the audience’s interest and engagement, and for All Elite Wrestling (AEW), this week’s AEW Collision show is no exception.

The importance of this week’s show cannot be overstated, as AEW officials are keenly observing the ratings.

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AEW Collision: A Close Watch

Dave Meltzer, a well-known figure in the wrestling community, recently shared on Wrestling Observer Radio that AEW officials are closely monitoring this week’s AEW Collision ratings.

This revelation underscores the significance of the show’s performance and its potential impact on the promotion’s future.

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A Dip in the Numbers

Since its premiere, AEW Collision has experienced a decline in ratings. The inaugural week attracted a total of 816,000 viewers with a 0.33 key demo rating.

However, the latest episode, aired on July 8th, saw a drop to 580,000 viewers with a 0.21 rating. This downward trend has undoubtedly caught the attention of AEW officials, making the upcoming show’s performance even more critical.

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The Saturday Ratings: A Point of Focus

Meltzer further noted that the Saturday ratings are a significant point of focus for everyone involved.

The weekend slot is traditionally a prime time for viewership, and a strong performance can set the tone for the week ahead. Therefore, the ratings of the upcoming Saturday show are of paramount importance to AEW.

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