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AEW Collision: Former WWE Superstar backstage

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Wrestling aficionados might be in for a treat with a familiar face making his presence known in a new arena. The word on the street is that Chris Hero, a notable figure in professional wrestling, will be backstage at the much-awaited AEW Collision event’‹.

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Hero’s Anticipated Presence

Reports suggest that Hero, once known as Kassius Ohno in WWE, will be present at the upcoming AEW Collision premiere in Chicago.

Hero has been a notable figure in the wrestling industry, having had a successful run in WWE. His return to the wrestling circuit, this time in a different setting, is generating a lot of buzz.

What makes this development even more intriguing is that Hero is being considered for a permanent backstage role with the company’‹.

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Chris Hero in AEW: A Trial Run

This exciting update about Hero’s involvement with AEW Collision is not without its share of suspense. It seems that Hero is being given a trial run, with a full decision about his role to be made at a later time.

The wrestling community is waiting with bated breath to see what the future holds for this much-loved personality.

Hero, who has not set foot inside the ring since his second WWE departure a few years ago, has a lot to bring to the table, and his fans are eager to see what role he will play in AEW’‹.

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A History with the Roster in WWE and Beyond

Another interesting aspect of Hero’s presence at AEW Collision is his history with a number of talents on the roster.

His relationships with other wrestlers could potentially have a significant impact on the dynamics within AEW. It’s not clear whether Hero will wrestle for AEW, but his potential influence, both backstage and in the ring, cannot be underestimated.

Hero’s experience and skills could make him a valuable addition to the team, and his interactions with the roster might add an extra layer of excitement to the event’‹.

The Future Awaits

The news of Chris Hero’s presence at AEW Collision and his potential permanent role within the company has undeniably stirred the wrestling community.

As fans eagerly anticipate the premiere of AEW Collision, they are equally excited to see how Hero’s potential involvement will shape the future of the company. Whether he will step back into the ring or remain behind the scenes, the addition of Hero to the AEW family marks a thrilling new chapter for both the wrestler and the company.

All eyes are now on AEW Collision. The event is poised to be a memorable one, not just for the expected high-octane matches, but also for the possible backstage developments.

With Chris Hero’s potential involvement, there’s a lot more to look forward to than just the fights in the ring. The wrestling world waits in anticipation. The future is, indeed, exciting.

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