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AEW Collision: The future of the show after CM Punk is fired

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The wrestling world was left in shock when news broke that CM Punk, one of the most influential figures in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), was fired. Not only was Punk a significant on-screen attraction for AEW Collision, but he also played a pivotal role behind the scenes.

His influence was so profound that he was instrumental in the formation of Collision, leading to a unique roster split. This meant certain talents were exclusive to Collision, while others appeared predominantly on Dynamite.

With Punk’s departure, there are whispers in the wrestling community about the potential end of this “soft roster split”. Andrew Zarian from the Wrestling Observer highlighted that the concept might soon be phased out.

This change is evident as the Young Bucks, who were previously less likely to appear on Collision with Punk’s presence, are now reportedly backstage. This shift suggests that the boundaries between Collision and Dynamite might become more fluid in the coming days.

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AEW Collision: Official Stance on Punk’s Termination

AEW made an official announcement regarding Punk’s firing, stating that the wrestler’s employment agreements with the company had been terminated with cause.

This decision followed a week-long internal investigation concerning an incident that took place backstage at AEW – All In in London.

Tony Khan, the CEO General Manager and Head of Creative of AEW, confirmed the termination. Khan expressed his gratitude towards Punk for his contributions to AEW but emphasised that the decision was made in the best interests of the entire AEW community, including talents, staff, and venue operators.

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The Impact on Upcoming Shows

The immediate aftermath of Punk’s firing is palpable, especially considering that both the upcoming Collision and All Out events are scheduled to take place in Punk’s hometown of Chicago.

While the wrestling community is abuzz with speculation, it’s evident that AEW is poised to move forward, with stars like Bryan Danielson reportedly backstage, ready to step into the limelight.

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The Road Ahead for AEW Collision

The departure of a figure as iconic as CM Punk undoubtedly leaves a void in AEW Collision. However, it also presents an opportunity for other talents to rise and for the show to evolve.

With the potential end of the roster split, fans might witness a more integrated and dynamic AEW, where stars from both Collision and Dynamite interact more frequently.

This could lead to fresh matchups, unexpected alliances, and riveting storylines that keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

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