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Here’s WHY an AEW Collision match got ALTERED this week

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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, changes to match formats are not uncommon, but the recent alteration in the AEW Collision match has sparked considerable discussion among fans and insiders alike.

The match in question, which took place last week, involved The House of Black squaring off against FTR in what was initially billed as a steel cage elimination match but was later changed to an “Escape The Cage” match.

AEW News: The Injury Factor

A key factor in this change appears to be related to the physical condition of Malakai Black, a prominent member of The House of Black.

Black had been dealing with a slight calf tear and knee hyperextension, which sidelined him for a period. Although he returned to action in October last year, his participation has been primarily in team events with The House of Black.

AEW News: Behind-the-Scenes Decisions

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio shed light on the possible reasons behind the match format alteration. He suggested that the change might have stemmed from a reluctance among certain wrestlers to be defeated in the match, known in wrestling parlance as “doing a job.”

Meltzer pointed out that while FTR and Daniel Garcia have shown a willingness to take losses, Malakai Black apparently has a history of not doing so:

“When they first announced the match, it was a cage match elimination match. When they first announced it was Escape The Cage, when I heard it was Escape The Cage, I thought it was like ‘Okay we got all these guys here, but somebody complained about doing a job.’ Essentially in this match, five guys have to do a job.”

AEW News: The Future of The House of Black

This situation raises questions about the future direction of The House of Black, especially considering the rumours of Black and Buddy Murphy potentially leaving for WWE.

Meltzer expressed confusion over why AEW continues to push wrestlers who might not be staying with the company.


  • What was the original format of the AEW Collision match?
    • It was supposed to be a steel cage elimination match.
  • Who were the teams involved in the altered AEW Collision match?
    • The House of Black and FTR.
  • Why was the AEW Collision match format changed?
    • It’s speculated that it was due to certain wrestlers’ reluctance to lose, particularly Malakai Black.
  • What injury did Malakai Black suffer from?
    • He had a slight calf tear and knee hyperextension.
  • What is the speculation about Malakai Black’s future?
    • There are rumours about him potentially leaving AEW for WWE.
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