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AEW Collision Ratings: Viewership against WWE NXT Deadline REVEALED (09/12/23)

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In a remarkable display of audience engagement, the latest AEW Collision episode, aired on December 9th, 2023, achieved its highest viewership since October, outperforming recent weeks.

The show, which went head-to-head with WWE NXT Deadline, drew an impressive 455,000 viewers, according to Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics.

This figure marks a slight increase from the December 2nd edition, which attracted 451,000 viewers, and represents the program’s most significant viewership since the October 28th episode.

AEW Collision: Steady Rise

AEW Collision’s recent success can be attributed to its compelling content and the ongoing Continental Classic tournament, which fans seem to be enjoying.

The December 9th episode featured high-stakes matches, including Andrade El Idolo’s victory over Bryan Danielson in the Blue League of the AEW Continental Classic tournament.

Additionally, Eddie Kingston triumphed over Claudio Castagnoli, and Kenny Omega secured a win against Ethan Page.

These matchups not only showcased the athletes’ prowess but also heightened the show’s appeal against the NXT Deadline event on WWE Network and Peacock.

Ratings in Key Demographics

In terms of demographics, AEW Collision maintained a steady performance in the key 18-49 age group, scoring a 0.14 rating, identical to the previous week.

This consistency indicates a strong and loyal viewership base, crucial for any television program’s long-term success.

The show’s ability to retain its audience, especially in a competitive demographic, speaks volumes about its quality and the loyalty of its fans.

Comparison with WWE NXT Deadline

The rivalry between AEW and WWE continues to be a significant talking point in the wrestling community. AEW Collision’s latest viewership figures, especially when juxtaposed with WWE NXT Deadline, highlight the competitive nature of the industry.

While specific viewership numbers for NXT Deadline were not available at the time of writing, and probably will not be due to the nature of Peacock streaming, the close competition between these programs underscores the dynamic and ever-changing landscape of professional wrestling entertainment.


  • What was the viewership for AEW Collision on December 9, 2023?
    • AEW Collision attracted 455,000 viewers on December 9, 2023.
  • How did AEW Collision perform in the key 18-49 demographic?
    • The show scored a 0.14 rating in the 18-49 demographic, maintaining the same rating as the previous week.
  • What were some key matches in the December 9 episode of AEW Collision?
    • Key matches included Andrade El Idolo vs. Bryan Danielson, Eddie Kingston vs. Claudio Castagnoli, and Kenny Omega vs. Ethan Page.
  • How does AEW Collision’s viewership compare to previous episodes?
    • The December 9 episode marked the highest viewership since the October 28 episode, showing a slight increase from the December 2 episode.
  • What does this viewership figure mean for AEW Collision’s future?
    • The increasing viewership and consistent performance in key demographics suggest a positive outlook for AEW Collision’s future, indicating a growing and loyal fan base.
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