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AEW Collision has SHOCKING turnout confirmed by fan VIDEO

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AEW started with significant momentum. As we near half a decade of the company’s existence, it seems that the initial enthusiasm has waned somewhat, at least for shows such as AEW Collision.

A video circulating on social media has revealed the startlingly low number of fans present at the recent AEW Collision event. The visuals show a significant number of empty seats, indicating a disappointing turnout.

According to Wrestle Tix, the episode of AEW Collision on October 7th saw a distribution of only 2,245 tickets. Observations from some sections of the arena showed almost no one in the top rows.

There were also reports suggesting that the sparse crowd was evident even on the television broadcast. This turnout is notably the lowest for a TV taping outside of Daily’s Place, as you can see via the video below:

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AEW Collision: The Use of Seat Fillers

Bryan Alvarez, during a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, highlighted that AEW often employs seat-fillers for their television shows.

These individuals are present to occupy the otherwise empty seats that would be visible on TV. Interestingly, Alvarez shared an anecdote where, upon entering through the media door during an event in Washington, he was asked if he was there as press or a seat filler.

Despite this practice, it seems AEW did not utilise seat fillers for the Collision event. If they did, it certainly did not help mask the low turnout, especially in Salt Lake City.

It’s worth noting that the use of seat fillers is not unique to AEW. Even WWE employs individuals to sit in seats that are on camera. However, for events like WWE Fastlane, there was no need for such measures as they boasted a sold-out house in Indianapolis.

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  • What was the turnout for the recent AEW Collision event?
    • The event saw a distribution of 2,245 tickets.
  • Does AEW use seat fillers for their events?
    • Yes, AEW, like many other wrestling promotions, employs seat fillers to occupy seats that might appear empty on television.
  • Was the recent turnout the lowest for AEW?
    • The turnout for the AEW Collision on October 7th was the lowest for a TV taping outside of Daily’s Place.
  • How did the public react to the turnout?
    • The low attendance has sparked discussions, with some questioning the future of the AEW Collision show.

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