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AEW Collision UK Time: Start Time in GMT

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All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has emerged as a significant player over the past few years, offering a blend of high-flying action and compelling storytelling. AEW’s latest tv show, AEW Collision, is already proving to be a hit for fans across the globe, and here’s everything you need to know about its start time in GMT.

AEW Collision promises to be a weekly show filled with intense matchups and unexpected twists. The promotion has been known for its ability to blend veteran talent with up-and-coming stars, creating a unique and dynamic wrestling experience.

AEW Collision UK Time and Date

For UK fans, Collision is scheduled to start at 1 AM GMT every Sunday morning. This will of course revert to 1 AM BST when the clocks change in the United Kingdom.

This timing allows fans in the UK to join in the excitement simultaneously with viewers in the United States, where the event will be broadcast at 8 p.m. ET.

It’s a late-night affair for UK viewers, but for die-hard wrestling fans, staying up for Collision will usually be worth the wait.

Where to Watch AEW Collision in the UK

In the UK, Collision will be available on several channels. Fans can tune in to ITV4, a well-known channel that has been instrumental in bringing AEW events to a British audience but it will not be live.

Additionally, for those who prefer online streaming, DAZN and FITE TV offer access to AEW Collision in select European countries, including the UK.

This flexibility ensures that no fan misses out on the action, regardless of their preferred viewing method.

The Growing Popularity of AEW in the UK

AEW’s popularity in the UK has been on a steady rise. The promotion’s commitment to delivering quality wrestling content, combined with its ability to engage with fans through compelling storylines and characters, has made it a favourite among British wrestling enthusiasts.

Collision is another opportunity for the promotion to strengthen its foothold in the UK market.

FAQs About AEW Collision UK Time

  • What time does AEW Collision start in the UK?
    • Collision starts at 1 a.m. GMT for UK viewers.
  • Where can I watch AEW Collision in the UK?
    • Collision can be watched on ITV4 and streamed online via DAZN in select European countries, including the UK.
  • What can I expect from AEW Collision?
    • Expect a mix of high-profile matches, intense action, and compelling storytelling from some of the top talents in professional wrestling.
  • Is AEW popular in the UK?
    • Yes, AEW has been gaining popularity in the UK, thanks to its engaging content and unique approach to professional wrestling.
  • Will Collision be available for replay in the UK?
    • Viewers should check with ITV4 and DAZN for replay options, as they often provide opportunities to watch events after their initial broadcast.
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