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AEW Collision: Former WWE Writer makes baffling claim

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In the world of wrestling, speculation and surprise are part of the game. One event that has been the talk of the town is the debut of AEW Collision on June 17th.

The star-studded trio’s main event will feature wrestling greats like CM Punk, FTR, Samoa Joe, and Bullet Club Gold’‹.

AEW owner Tony Khan has apparently managed to convince David Zaslav and Warner Bros Discovery to add another two hours of wrestling programming on TNT, rather than TNT asking Khan to produce more content for the network…at least a former WWE Writer seems to think so.

Russo’s Theory: Khan’s Independent Financing

Wrestling pundit and former WWE and WCW writer Vince Russo has a theory on how Khan managed to pull this off.

According to Russo, Khan is independently financing the AEW Collision event. Speaking on “The Wrestling Outlaws,” Russo said, “Tony Khan is buying the television time. Period. End of story.”

He believes that the billionaire Khan is paying TBS and TNT more money than they could make in advertising for the wrestling shows’‹.

Co-Hosts Express Skepticism

Russo’s co-hosts on “The Wrestling Outlaws,” EC3 and Dr. Chris, were respectfully sceptical about the theory.

However, Russo stood his ground and even hypothesized that Khan will likely purchase the network itself. This would allow Khan to air as much AEW programming as he wants, including AEW All Access.

A Future Network Purchase? More AEW Collision?

Russo’s theory is that Khan, with his billionaire status, will go full Ted Turner and open his chequebook to become the owner of TNT. If Russo’s prediction is accurate, Turner Network Television might soon become Tony Network Television.

AEW Collision Theories: Has Vince Russo completely lost it?

I mean really, how many more theories are we going to hear from the likes of Russo that are as wild as this and as completely bizarre as this? If Tony Khan had the ability to BUY Turner Broadcasting then why wouldn’t he have done so when he launched AEW?

Stay tuned for more from the great BRO mind himself…

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