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WWE Hall of Famer makes big claim about AEW Collision

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The wrestling world buzzed with excitement following the premiere of AEW Collision, and the intensity wasn’t just felt by fans.

Wrestling legend and Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett offered high praise for the debut of the new weekend program. Sharing his thoughts on the latest edition of his My World podcast, Jarrett described the electric energy he experienced firsthand at the event.

While he didn’t participate in the card, his presence in the building allowed him to witness the show’s impact up close’‹.

According to Jarrett, the return of notable wrestlers such as CM Punk, Andrade El Idolo, and the ‘Redeemer’ Miro contributed to the palpable excitement. The creative elements of the show, although subjective, struck a chord with him. He explained that although some people hesitate to label wrestling as an art form, the dedication to craft and performance is undeniable’‹.

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Jarrett’s Take on the New Set: Unbelievably Awesome

Jeff Jarrett particularly highlighted the appeal of the new show and set. He found that it looked impressive not just on TV but even more so in person. His words painted a picture of a vibrant scene: “Man, did it look off-the-charts-good. Yes, it looked great on TV, but live, it was just unbelievably awesome.”

He lauded the United Center, the venue for the premiere, as one of his all-time favourites, underscoring the integral role of the location in delivering an immersive experience for attendees’‹.

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The Competitive Juices are Flowing

Not only did Jarrett perceive the AEW Collision premiere as a successful event, but he also saw it as a catalyst for driving competition within AEW.

He indicated that the rosters from Dynamite and Collision are now in a healthy rivalry to put on the better show.

This internal competitiveness, according to Jarrett, isn’t a detriment but rather a source of invigoration for the promotion. It serves to heighten the commitment to excellence from all involved’‹.

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Rising Tide Lifts All Ships: AEW’s Competitive Spirit

Jarrett reaffirmed the significance of this competitive spirit, expressing that it has “turned up a notch in AEW.”

This is a significant development, as it fosters an environment where every achievement serves to uplift the entire organisation.

The old saying ‘rising tide lifts all ships’ is apt in this context, reflecting the collective progress made possible through individual efforts.

The anticipation and excitement Jarrett conveyed towards the future trajectory of Collision were clear: “I am so excited for Collision to get off the ground and keep on rolling.” His final commendation went to the performers themselves, whose talent and commitment made the premiere a resounding success. As he put it, “You don’t always bat a thousand, but out of the gate, I thought Collision knocked it out of the park. Kudos to all the in-ring dudes who laced it up, and gals.”’‹

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