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AEW Dynamite: MYSTERY STABLE appears and attacks top star

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In a shocking turn of events on AEW Dynamite, the wrestling world witnessed the emergence of a mysterious new stable.

This group, shrouded in secrecy, made their presence felt in a dramatic fashion, leaving fans and pundits alike buzzing with speculation.

MJF, often referred to as “The Devil” on All Elite programming, has been known to don a demonic mask on occasion.

This week’s episode of AEW Dynamite concluded with a scene that saw an individual wearing this very mask. This masked figure led a group of unknown assailants in a surprise backstage assault.

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The Victim on AEW Dynamite: Jay White

As Dynamite was drawing to a close, cameras panned to the backstage area, capturing an attack.

Jay White, a top star in AEW, was on the receiving end of a brutal beatdown at the hands of this new stable.

The leader of this enigmatic group then turned towards the camera, giving viewers a clear view of the infamous Devil mask.

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A Confrontation Precedes the Attack

Earlier in the show Switchblade had a face-off with MJF in the ring. This altercation could potentially shed light on the reasons behind the surprise attack.

While many believe MJF might be the man behind the Devil mask, the identities of his accomplices remain a mystery.

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The Future of this Feud

The direction AEW will take with this storyline remains to be seen. With Adam Cole recently announcing an injury that necessitates surgery, there’s a possibility that MJF might be shifting his focus beyond the ROH Tag Team Titles.

Whatever the case, this new development has added another layer of intrigue to the already captivating world of AEW.

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  • Q: Who is MJF? A: MJF, also known as Maxwell Jacob Friedman, is a professional wrestler currently signed with AEW. He’s often referred to as “The Devil” due to his cunning and devious in-ring tactics.
  • Q: What happened on AEW Dynamite? A: A mysterious new stable, led by someone wearing a Devil mask, attacked Jay White backstage.
  • Q: Is MJF the leader of the new stable? A: While MJF has previously worn a similar Devil mask, it’s not confirmed if he’s the leader of this new group.
  • Q: When is AEW WrestleDream? A: AEW WrestleDream is set to take place this Sunday in Seattle.
  • Q: What is the significance of Adam Cole’s injury? A: Adam Cole’s recent injury announcement might indicate a shift in MJF’s storyline focus, but this is purely speculative at the moment.
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