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AEW Dynamite Ratings: Viewership confirmed for 27/12/23 episode

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The latest AEW Dynamite episode aired on 27th December 2023, marked a significant moment in the wrestling calendar as it was the final show before the highly anticipated ‘Worlds End’ event.

The viewership figures for this episode have now been confirmed, providing insights into the show’s performance and audience engagement.

AEW Dynamite Ratings: Viewership Trends

The 27th December episode of AEW Dynamite, held in Orlando, attracted an overnight average of 843,000 viewers, according to a new report from Wrestlenomics.

This figure is particularly noteworthy when compared to the viewership of previous episodes. For instance, the episode on 20th December drew 782,000 viewers, while the 13th December episode had slightly more, with 845,000 viewers.

These numbers indicate a stable viewership base, with slight fluctuations week-to-week.

Key Highlights of the 27/12 Episode

This episode was packed with action, crucial for setting the stage for ‘Worlds End’. One of the major highlights was MJF losing the ROH World Tag Team Titles in the main event, a development that added depth to the ongoing storyline.

Such high-stakes matches and story developments are key drivers of viewer interest and engagement.

AEW Dynamite Ratings: Demographic Breakdown and Comparison

In terms of demographic breakdown, the 27th December episode scored a .31 in the 18 to 49 demographic. This is a slight increase from the .26 rating of the 20th December episode and comparable to the .30 rating of the 13th December episode.

This consistency in the key demographic is a positive sign for AEW, indicating a strong and engaged younger audience.

AEW’s Performance in 2023

AEW has had a notable year in 2023, with various ups and downs in viewership. For instance, the episode on 30th November saw an overnight average of 858,000 viewers, while the 22nd November episode had 845,000 viewers. These figures reflect the dynamic nature of viewership, influenced by various factors including storyline developments, competitor events, and seasonal variations.


  • What was the viewership for AEW Dynamite’s 27/12/23 episode?
    • The episode attracted an average of 843,000 viewers.
  • How did this viewership compare to previous weeks?
    • It was slightly higher than the 20th December episode (782,000 viewers) and comparable to the 13th December episode (845,000 viewers).
  • What was the demographic rating for the 18 to 49 age group?
    • The episode scored a .31 in the 18 to 49 demographic.
  • What was a key highlight from the 27/12 episode?
    • A major highlight was MJF losing the ROH World Tag Team Titles in the main event.
  • How is AEW performing as it heads into 2024?
    • AEW has shown consistent performance in 2023, setting a solid foundation for continued success in 2024.
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