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AEW Dynamite Ratings: Viewership for 29/11/23 episode REVEALED

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The latest episode of AEW Dynamite, aired on 29th November 2023, has shown a significant increase in viewership, marking a positive trend for the wrestling promotion.

The episode, which was a key part of the build-up to the highly anticipated Worlds End event scheduled for 30th December, garnered considerable attention from wrestling fans worldwide.

AEW Dynamite: Viewership Surge

According to Wrestlenomics, the 29th November episode of AEW Dynamite attracted an average of 858,000 viewers.

This figure represents a notable increase from the previous week’s episode, which had an average viewership of 845,000.

The demographic most impacted was the 18 to 49 age group, where the show scored a .29 rating, again showing an improvement from the previous week’s .26.

Key Highlights of the Episode

The episode featured several high-octane matches and segments that likely contributed to the spike in viewership. One of the standout moments was MJF’s performance, which set the stage for a tag team match scheduled for the 5th December episode.

Additionally, Adam Copeland’s promo, which included an F-Bomb, created a buzz among the audience and may have contributed to the increased viewership, despite the potential for network repercussions.

The ongoing Continental Classic matches also added to the episode’s appeal, keeping viewers engaged with intense wrestling action.

These elements combined to create a compelling episode that resonated with AEW’s fan base.

AEW Dynamite Ratings: Comparison with Previous Episodes

To put these numbers into perspective, the 22nd November episode of AEW Dynamite had drawn an average of 845,000 viewers with a .26 rating in the 18 to 49 demographic.

Going further back, the 15th November episode attracted 823,000 viewers, with a .28 rating in the same demographic.

The consistent increase in viewership over these weeks highlights AEW Dynamite’s growing appeal and the effectiveness of its storytelling and match quality.

Future Expectations and Worlds End

With Worlds End on the horizon, AEW Dynamite’s viewership trends are an encouraging sign for the promotion. The anticipation for this event is building, and the episodes leading up to it are crucial for setting the stage.

The increase in viewership suggests that fans are invested in the storylines and characters, and this momentum could lead to even higher numbers as Worlds End approaches.


  • What was the viewership for AEW Dynamite’s 29/11/23 episode?
    • The episode attracted an average of 858,000 viewers.
  • How does this compare to the previous week’s episode?
    • There was an increase from the previous week’s 845,000 viewers.
  • What demographic had the highest rating?
    • The 18 to 49 age group, with a .29 rating.
  • What are some highlights from the episode?
    • MJF’s performance and Adam Copeland’s promo were notable highlights.
  • What is the significance of these viewership numbers?
    • The consistent increase indicates growing interest and engagement with AEW Dynamite’s content.
  • What is the upcoming major event for AEW?
    • Worlds End, scheduled for 30th December.
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