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AEW Dynamite Results: Highlights from this week (31/01/24)

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This week’s AEW Dynamite, held at the UNO Lakefront Arena in New Orleans, Louisiana, delivered an action-packed show with several standout moments and matches that have set the tone for the weeks ahead.

Here’s a rundown of the key highlights from the event.

AEW Dynamite Results: Jon Moxley vs. Jeff Hardy

The evening kicked off with an intense match between Jon Moxley and Jeff Hardy. Moxley, known for his aggressive style, took the fight to Hardy from the get-go, showcasing a mix of technical prowess and brute force.

Despite Hardy’s resilience and high-flying offence, Moxley managed to secure a victory via submission, marking a solid start to the night’s proceedings.

The match was not only a physical contest but also a mental game, with both competitors pushing each other to their limits.

Dealer’s Choice: Hangman Page vs. Toa Liona

In a “Dealer’s Choice” match, Hangman Page faced off against Toa Liona in what turned out to be a highly competitive bout.

Liona’s power and agility were on full display, giving Page a run for his money. However, Page’s experience and determination saw him through, as he managed to outmanoeuvre Liona, securing a win via pinfall.

This match underscored Page’s versatility and resilience, further cementing his status as one of AEW‘s top talents.

In the other dealer’s choice match of the night, Swerve Strickland defeated Rob Van Dam in a hardcore match.

AEW Dynamite Results: Wardlow vs. Komander

Wardlow took on Komander in a match that highlighted the clash of styles between Wardlow’s power-based approach and Komander’s high-flying, agile wrestling technique.

Despite Komander’s valiant effort and impressive aerial attacks, Wardlow’s strength proved too much, leading to a victory via pinfall for the powerhouse.

The match was a testament to Wardlow’s dominance in the ring and his potential as a future main eventer in AEW.

AEW Dynamite Results: Tag Team Tensions and Future Matchups

The show also featured developments in the tag team division, with backstage segments and confrontations setting the stage for future matchups.

The tension between various teams and alliances hints at exciting battles to come, showcasing the depth and talent within AEW’s tag team ranks.


  • Who won the match between Jon Moxley and Jeff Hardy?
    • Jon Moxley won via submission.
  • What was unique about Hangman Page’s match?
    • It was a “Dealer’s Choice” match, showcasing a mix of strategy and in-ring action.
  • How did Wardlow secure his victory?
    • Wardlow won via pinfall, using his power to dominate Komander.
  • What’s next for AEW’s tag team division?
    • Tensions and confrontations on this week’s show hint at exciting matchups and rivalries brewing in the tag team division.
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