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AEW name considered an INSURANCE RISK and NOT ALLOWED at events

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Ace Steel, once a prominent figure in AEW, found himself in the midst of controversy after an incident during Brawl Out where he allegedly bit Kenny Omega on the arm.

This incident not only led to his initial firing but also marked him as a significant insurance risk for the company.

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The Return of Ace Steel to AEW: Not on the Road

Despite the past issues, Ace Steel made a comeback to AEW. However, his return came with specific conditions.

While he’s back on the AEW payroll, he isn’t travelling with the Collision roster. This decision stems from the concerns regarding his previous actions and the subsequent label of being an “insurance risk,” according to a new report from Fightful Select.

“After months out of the fold, we’ve learned that Steel met with Tony Khan in recent months and spoke about wrestling. Ultimately it was decided that he could return to AEW in some capacity while not being on the road, and would be permitted to seek work outside of All Elite Wrestling as well. The word was that his deal is up in the Fall of 2024.”

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CM Punk’s Stance on Ace Steel

CM Punk, a notable figure in the wrestling world, has expressed his dissatisfaction with Ace Steel not being on the road.

To add to the intrigue, Punk also banned Christopher Daniels from Collision, a move seen as fair in his eyes. It’s worth noting that Daniels holds a significant position in AEW as the head of talent relations.

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Behind the Scenes: Ace Steel’s Deal with AEW

Tony Khan, the man behind AEW, managed to negotiate a deal with Ace Steel, allowing him to contribute to the company in alternative ways.

While Steel won’t be present in the buildings, he remains an essential part of the AEW family. This arrangement is a testament to the company’s flexibility and willingness to find a middle ground, even in challenging situations.

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The Future of Ace Steel in AEW

After a hiatus, Ace Steel and Tony Khan had discussions about wrestling and Steel’s potential future with AEW.

The outcome? Steel can return to AEW in a limited capacity, not travelling with the team, but he’s also free to seek opportunities outside of All Elite Wrestling. His current contract with AEW is set to expire in the Fall of 2024.

Ace Steel’s Influence and Contributions

Despite the challenges, Ace Steel remains an influential figure in AEW.

He frequently communicates with Tony Khan, offering suggestions, especially for CM Punk.

Moreover, it’s hinted that Steel received compensation for the time he was away from the company, indicating AEW’s commitment to its talents.

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