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AEW name blames wrestlers backstage for LEAKING information

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In a recent turn of events, Jerry Lynn, a prominent figure in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), has addressed the circulating reports of growing frustration among wrestlers and other backstage personnel concerning the creative process in AEW.

Historically, AEW’s President, Tony Khan, has been lauded for his ability to maintain long-term storylines and booking plans.

This approach starkly contrasts with the WWE’s past tendencies, where Vince McMahon was notorious for frequently altering his decisions.

However, recent observations by Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio highlighted that AEW’s creative decisions have been finalised later than usual in the past few weeks. This delay has reportedly led to mounting frustration among the talent.

AEW Leaks: Jerry Lynn’s Take on the Matter

Jerry Lynn, an esteemed producer and coach for AEW, took to Twitter/X to address these reports. He pointed out that the primary reason for the secrecy surrounding AEW’s creative decisions is the continuous leakage of information by wrestlers and others to various media outlets, including sheets and podcasts.

Lynn’s tweet read: “Because wrestlers and God knows who else have and continue to leak info to the sheets, podcasts, etc. So Tony tries to keep things confidential. You wouldn’t want to know everything before you see a movie. Anyone who leaks info is doing damage to the product and the industry.”

The Impact of Leaks on the Wrestling Industry

Leaks can be detrimental to the wrestling industry. When storylines and future plans are disclosed prematurely, it robs fans of the element of surprise, which is a crucial aspect of the wrestling entertainment experience.

By comparing it to spoiling a movie, Lynn emphasises the importance of preserving the integrity of the product for the fans.

The Need for Confidentiality

In the world of professional wrestling, where storylines and character arcs are meticulously crafted over weeks and months, maintaining confidentiality is paramount.

Leaks can disrupt the flow of a storyline, potentially affecting ticket sales, viewership ratings, and overall fan engagement.

It’s evident that AEW, under Tony Khan’s leadership, values the element of surprise and is taking measures to ensure that their creative decisions remain under wraps until the appropriate time.


  • Why is there frustration backstage in AEW?
    • There have been reports of delayed finalisation of creative decisions in recent weeks, leading to frustration among the talent.
  • What did Jerry Lynn say about the leaks?
    • Jerry Lynn stated that wrestlers and possibly others have been leaking information to media outlets, which is damaging to the product and the industry.
  • How has Tony Khan historically handled AEW’s creative process?
    • Tony Khan has been praised for effectively managing long-term storylines and booking plans, contrasting with WWE’s past tendencies.
  • Why are leaks harmful to the wrestling industry?
    • Leaks rob fans of the element of surprise and can disrupt the flow of storylines, affecting fan engagement and viewership.
  • How did Jerry Lynn address the issue?
    • Jerry Lynn took to social media to express his views, emphasising the importance of confidentiality and the detrimental impact of leaks on the industry.
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