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MAJOR update on potential new home for AEW on TV

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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is currently at a pivotal juncture regarding its television presence.

AEW, known for its high-octane matches and a roster brimming with talent, has been in a significant partnership with Warner Brothers Discovery (WBD).

However, recent developments suggest a potential shift in this relationship, opening the door to new opportunities for AEW’s broadcasting future.

AEW TV Deal: Current Broadcasting Scenario

AEW’s relationship with WBD has been more than just about airing weekly programming. It extends into streaming pay-per-view revenues through Bleacher Report, a WBD platform.

This partnership has been beneficial for both parties, but recent rumblings in the industry hint at possible changes.

The FX Factor in AEW and its Broadcasting Future

Nick Hausman, during his “Rumor and Innuendo” podcast, brought to light an intriguing possibility – FX Network’s interest in AEW’s programming. FX, known for targeting a younger and more rebellious audience, aligns well with AEW’s demographic.

This interest from FX comes at a time when FOX is reportedly stepping back from its association with WWE, potentially making room for AEW in the network’s portfolio.

The Complexities of TV Rights Negotiations

Negotiating TV rights in the wrestling industry is notoriously unpredictable. Historical shifts, like SmackDown’s move to the USA Network and NXT’s unexpected transition to CW, highlight the fluid nature of these negotiations.

The recent changes in WWE’s ownership and their approach towards exclusivity further complicate the landscape. AEW’s Tony Khan, despite his loyalty to WBD, might find the offer from FX or other networks too compelling to ignore.

AEW: Strategic Decisions and Future Prospects

Tony Khan, AEW’s president, has expressed a strong commitment to WBD, even stating a preference to stay with them over slightly higher offers from other entities.

This loyalty was evident when Khan approached only WBD stations following the acquisition of Ring of Honor (ROH), despite CW’s previous interest in ROH.

However, the television industry’s unpredictable nature and the potential of a lucrative deal from FX or other networks could influence AEW’s strategic decisions.


  • What is the current situation with AEW’s TV rights?
    • AEW is in talks with Warner Brothers Discovery for renewals and potential streaming arrangements, but there’s interest from other networks like FX.
  • Why is FX interested in AEW?
    • FX targets a younger, more rebellious audience, which aligns well with AEW’s demographic.
  • What has been Tony Khan’s stance regarding AEW’s TV rights?
    • Tony Khan has shown loyalty to WBD but is open to considering other offers if they align with AEW’s interests.
  • How could a change in TV rights affect AEW?
    • A change could broaden AEW’s reach and impact its brand positioning, depending on the network it partners with.
  • Is there a confirmed deal with any network as of now?
    • As of now, there is no confirmed deal, and negotiations are ongoing.
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