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AEW are “overexposing MJF” according to wrestling legend

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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, the balance between spotlighting talent and overexposing them is a delicate one. This balance is currently a topic of debate in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), particularly concerning Maxwell Jacob Friedman, popularly known as MJF.

Mexican Wrestling legend Konnan, on his Keepin’ It 100 podcast, recently expressed his views that AEW might be overexposing MJF, the AEW World Heavyweight Champion.

The Fine Line of Exposure in Wrestling

Konnan, a seasoned veteran in the wrestling world, pointed out that MJF is currently involved in “five different feuds.”

This level of exposure, according to Konnan, is excessive. He believes that wrestlers, especially those of the calibre of MJF, should be a rare spectacle: “Being in five different feuds is mega [over] exposure, you should want to wait to see him. He should come out once, maybe twice a show.”

His argument hinges on the idea that less is more – suggesting that MJF should appear once or maybe twice per show to maintain his allure and significance.

MJF: His Role in AEW’s Narrative

MJF, known for his charismatic presence, exceptional mic skills, and in-ring prowess, has become one of AEW’s most prominent figures.

His involvement in multiple storylines simultaneously is a testament to his capabilities and the trust AEW places in him. However, Konnan argues that this overexposure could potentially dilute MJF’s impact and audience draw.

Despite the concerns about overexposure, Konnan acknowledges MJF’s contributions to AEW.

He describes MJF as “the most charismatic, most over, one of the biggest merch sellers,” and commends his performance quality, from promos to matches. Konnan’s critique is not of MJF’s talent but of how AEW is utilising him.

The Impact of Overexposure

Overexposure in wrestling isn’t just about losing audience interest. It can also lead to a wrestler’s character becoming stale or predictable.

For a wrestler like MJF, who thrives on unpredictability and sharp wit, this could be detrimental. AEW’s challenge is to use MJF’s talents effectively without crossing the line into overexposure, thus maintaining his appeal and freshness in the eyes of the wrestling audience.


  • Who is MJF?
    • MJF, or Maxwell Jacob Friedman, is a professional wrestler currently signed with All Elite Wrestling (AEW).
  • What did Konnan say about Maxwell?
    • Konnan expressed concerns that AEW is overexposing MJF by involving him in too many storylines simultaneously.
  • Why is overexposure a problem in wrestling?
    • Overexposure can lead to audience fatigue, diminish a wrestler’s appeal, and make their character seem stale or predictable.
  • What makes Maxwell Jacob Friedman a significant wrestler in AEW?
    • MJF is known for his charisma, excellent mic skills, and in-ring abilities, making him one of AEW’s top talents.
  • How should AEW manage MJF’s appearances?
    • AEW should balance MJF’s appearances to maintain his allure and significance, avoiding overuse in multiple storylines.
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