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AEW Rampage Ratings: Viewership for 15/12/23 CONFIRMED

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The latest viewership figures for AEW Rampage, aired on 15th December 2023, have been confirmed, indicating a noticeable drop from the previous week.

According to data from Wrestlenomics, the episode attracted 308,000 viewers, a decline from the 341,000 viewers who tuned in on 8th December.

AEW Rampage Ratings: Key Demographic Performance

In the crucial 18-49 demographic, the episode scored a 0.08 rating, also showing a decrease from the 0.12 rating achieved the week before.

This rating ties for the second-lowest demo rating for AEW Rampage in 2023.

Highlights of the 15th December Episode

The episode featured several high-octane matches that kept the audience engaged. The main event saw Action Andretti and Top Flight triumph over Penta El Zero Miedo, Komander, and El Hijo Del Vikingo.

Additionally, the opening match had Orange Cassidy and The Von Erichs defeating ‘Daddy Magic’ Matt Menard, ‘Cool Hand’ Angelo Parker, and Jake Hager.

A notable post-match moment involved Kevin Von Erich applying ‘The Iron Claw’ to Hager, adding a classic wrestling touch to the show.

AEW Rampage Viewership: Comparison with WWE Smackdown

To put these figures into perspective, WWE Smackdown, which aired on the same night on Fox, garnered 2,240,000 viewers with a 0.55 rating in the 18-49 demographic.

This stark contrast highlights the competitive landscape of professional wrestling viewership.

Analysis of the Viewership Decline

Several factors could contribute to the decline in viewership for AEW Rampage. The fluctuation in audience numbers is not uncommon in the wrestling industry, often influenced by seasonal trends, competing broadcasts, and storyline developments.

All Elite Wrestling, being a relatively new entrant in the wrestling world compared to WWE, is still finding its footing in terms of consistent viewership.


  • What was the viewership for AEW Rampage on 15th December 2023?
    • The episode drew 308,000 viewers.
  • How did AEW Rampage perform in the key 18-49 demographic?
    • It scored a 0.08 rating in this demographic.
  • What was the main event of the 15th December episode?
    • Action Andretti and Top Flight defeated Penta El Zero Miedo, Komander, and El Hijo Del Vikingo.
  • How does this viewership compare to WWE Smackdown on the same night?
    • WWE Smackdown attracted 2,240,000 viewers with a 0.55 rating in the 18-49 demographic.
  • What factors influence the viewership of wrestling shows like AEW Rampage?
    • Factors include seasonal trends, competing broadcasts, storyline appeal, and wrestler star power.
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