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AEW Rampage Spoilers: Everything CONFIRMED for this week (05/01/23)

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As the wrestling world continues to buzz with excitement, AEW Rampage is set to deliver another thrilling episode on January 5, 2023.

With a lineup that promises high-octane action, fans are eagerly anticipating what’s in store. Here’s a comprehensive look at what you can expect from this week’s AEW Rampage.

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AEW Rampage Spoilers: A Night of High-Flying Action and Intense Matchups

The Hardys and Mark Briscoe Triumph

In a spectacular display of teamwork and agility, The Hardys joined forces with Mark Briscoe to take on the trio of Kip Sabian, Butcher, and Blade.

The match culminated in an exhilarating finish, with Briscoe executing a top-rope elbow drop to secure the victory for his team.

Hikaru Shida’s Impressive Victory

The women’s division showcased its talent as Hikaru Shida faced off against Anna Jay. Shida, known for her dynamic fighting style, managed to pin Jay, adding another impressive win to her record.

This match further cements Shida’s status as a formidable competitor in AEW’s women’s division.

Tag Team Excellence

The tag team scene was also ablaze with excitement as Willow & Kris Statlander battled against Kennedi Copeland & Notorious Mimi.

The synergy and athleticism displayed by Willow & Statlander were undeniable, leading them to a well-deserved victory. This match highlighted the depth and talent present in AEW’s tag team division.

Wheeler Yuta Defends ROH Pure Title

In the main event, Wheeler Yuta put his ROH Pure Title on the line against Komander. In a match that showcased technical prowess and strategic acumen, Yuta emerged victorious, submitting Komander to retain his title.

This win not only solidifies Yuta’s reign but also elevates the prestige of the ROH Pure Title.

What This Means for AEW Rampage

These results from the January 5th episode of AEW Rampage indicate a strong start to the year for AEW.

The blend of experienced wrestlers and rising stars, coupled with diverse match types, showcases the company’s commitment to delivering varied and high-quality wrestling entertainment.

AEW Rampage: Looking Ahead

As AEW continues to build momentum in 2024, fans can expect more exhilarating matches and compelling storylines.

The outcomes of this week’s Rampage set the stage for future feuds and championship pursuits, keeping the audience engaged and excited for what’s to come.


  • What time does AEW Rampage air?
    • AEW Rampage airs on Friday nights at 8:00 PM EST on the TNT network.
  • Who won the tag team match on this week’s Rampage?
    • Willow & Kris Statlander defeated Kennedi Copeland & Notorious Mimi.
  • Did Wheeler Yuta defend his title successfully?
    • Yes, Wheeler Yuta successfully defended his ROH Pure Title against Komander.
  • What is the significance of these matches for AEW?
    • These matches showcase the diverse talent in AEW and set the stage for future storylines and rivalries.
  • Can I watch AEW Rampage if I miss the live airing?
    • Yes, AEW Rampage episodes are typically available for replay on various streaming platforms.
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