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AEW REACH SETTLEMENT in lawsuit over former Champion’s gimmick

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All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has recently settled a lawsuit that had been a significant talking point in the wrestling community. The lawsuit revolved around the mask design of the wrestler known as Luchasaurus.

In December 2022, Composite Effects LLC, a renowned mask-making company, lodged a legal complaint against AEW and the wrestler Austin Matelson (better known by his ring name, Luchasaurus).

The core of the dispute was the Luchasaurus mask design. Composite Effects claimed that the design of this mask was protected under copyright laws.

They further alleged that All Elite was using this design for merchandising purposes without obtaining the necessary permissions from the original designer.

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AEW: Response and Legal Proceedings

In response to the allegations, the wrestling company took a firm stance. They sought to dismiss five out of the six counts that Composite Effects had raised against them.

However, the motion to dismiss the lawsuit was denied by a judge. This meant that the case would continue, and both parties would need to present their arguments in court.

The central issue that the court needed to decide upon was whether the copyrighted mask by Composite Effects and the modified version used by AEW were substantially similar.

This determination would play a pivotal role in deciding the outcome of the lawsuit.

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Settlement Reached

According to recent updates from Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics, AEW and Composite Effects have now reached a settlement regarding this dispute.

The specifics of the settlement remain undisclosed, but it signifies the end of a contentious legal battle over the merchandising rights of the Luchasaurus mask.

With the matter now settled, AEW can move forward without this legal cloud hanging over them.

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Implications for AEW

The settlement of this lawsuit is crucial for AEW. Not only does it allow them to move past a potentially damaging legal battle, but it also sets a precedent for how they handle intellectual property disputes in the future.

It’s essential for wrestling promotions to ensure that they have the necessary rights and permissions when using designs, especially when these designs are used for merchandising purposes.

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  • What was the lawsuit about?
    • The lawsuit was about the design of the Luchasaurus mask. Composite Effects claimed that All Elite was using their copyrighted design without permission.
  • Who is Luchasaurus?
    • Luchasaurus is the ring name of wrestler Austin Matelson. He is known for his unique mask and gimmick in AEW.
  • What was AEW’s response to the lawsuit?
    • All Elite Wrestling attempted to dismiss most of the counts raised against them but was unsuccessful. They later reached a settlement with Composite Effects.
  • Has the lawsuit been settled?
    • Yes, AEW and Composite Effects have reached a settlement. The specifics of the settlement have not been disclosed.
  • Why is this settlement significant for AEW?
    • The settlement allows AEW to move forward without legal disputes and sets a precedent for handling similar issues in the future.
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