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AEW RELEASES another backstage name closely tied to CM Punk

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AEW has recently made headlines with the announcement of the termination of CM Punk’s contract on September 2nd. This decision followed an in-depth investigation into a backstage incident involving Punk during the AEW All In event.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Punk has been embroiled in backstage controversies. A significant altercation occurred at All Out in 2022, where Punk and Ace Steel had a confrontation with the Elite.

Ace Steel, a name closely associated with CM Punk, was previously released from AEW after the aforementioned incident in 2022. However, in a surprising turn of events, he was rehired just before Punk’s much-anticipated return on the debut episode of Collision in June. This rehiring led to a delay in announcing Punk’s return.

Tony Khan, AEW’s president, had determined that Steel would be working remotely, avoiding any backstage presence at shows. This decision didn’t sit well with Punk. With Punk’s recent exit from AEW, many fans and insiders speculated about the status of Ace Steel within the company.

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Ace Steel’s Departure from AEW

In a recent update from PWInsider, it’s been confirmed that Ace Steel has been released by AEW once again, as of September 7th.

Prior to this decision, there were discussions about AEW establishing a facility in Florida. This facility was supposedly intended for Steel to train upcoming talents. However, with his release, such plans have been shelved.

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The Fallout of the All In Incident

The incident at All In also had repercussions for other AEW talents. Jack Perry faced suspension due to the events that transpired at Wembley Stadium during the All In event. Since then, Perry hasn’t made an appearance at any AEW shows.

Tony Khan, addressing the situation, opened a recent episode of Collision by announcing Punk’s termination. He expressed his concerns, stating that he felt his life had been jeopardised during the incident.

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Looking Ahead

The wrestling community is abuzz with these developments, and many are keen to see how this will impact AEW’s future storylines and talent management.

As always, the world of professional wrestling is unpredictable, and fans will be eagerly awaiting further updates on this situation.

It’s clear that the backstage dynamics in wrestling promotions like AEW can be as intense and dramatic as the storylines portrayed in the ring.

The recent events surrounding CM Punk and Ace Steel are a testament to the ever-evolving nature of the industry. As AEW continues to grow and establish itself as a major player in the wrestling world, it will be interesting to see how they navigate these challenges and continue to deliver top-tier entertainment to their fans.

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