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AEW Set To See Changes To TV Product

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AEW product could see some major changes soon. It has had less PG-rated presentation but that could be altered to bring it more in line with WWE.

AEW might feature less swearing

Since its inception, AEW has presented itself as the TV-14 alternative to WWE’s family-friendly programming. However, according to one AEW veteran that could soon change.

Speaking at a Q&A with, commentator Jim Ross said that the company will feature less swearing on its programming going forward:

‘We had a string in AEW where there was a lot of controversial language. I think you’ll see less of that. It’s unnecessary and shows a lack of creativity if you can’t come up with an adjective or adverb that is better than something a little coarse. The times are going to dictate that.’

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There were recently conflicting reports on whether TNT and TBS had a problem with the amount of swearing on the shows, but Ace Steel was fined for swearing on Dynamite a few weeks ago, so it seems there is at least some kind of rule in place. AEW has had a number of notable instances of swearing during its lifetime, including MJF calling company owner Tony Khan a ‘f**king mark’ on live television in June. We will now have to wait and see what the Khan plans for the product.

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Bishal Roy