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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, where the lines between performance and reality often blur, actions inside and outside the ring can have real-world consequences. This was the case for Austin Gunn, a rising star in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), who recently faced a fine for his unscripted remarks during a televised event.

The Incident on AEW Dynamite

The incident occurred on the November 8th episode of AEW Dynamite. Following a match against the Bollywood Boyz (Gurv Sihra & Harv Sihra), Austin Gunn, alongside his brother Colten Gunn, grabbed the microphone to address the crowd and AEW World Champion MJF.

The promo, intended to hype their ongoing storyline, took a controversial turn when Austin Gunn made derogatory remarks towards MJF and the AEW fans.

Colten Gunn initiated the verbal assault by undermining MJF’s claims of being a “generational talent,” accusing him of repeatedly playing the victim.

Austin Gunn then escalated the situation with his comments, labelling MJF an “embarrassment as a champion” and disparaging the AEW fans in attendance.

Austin Gunn AEW Fine: The Fallout and Fine

Austin Gunn’s choice of words, particularly his derogatory comments towards the fans, crossed a line for AEW.

In a tweet, Gunn revealed that he was fined $500 for his remarks. Despite the financial penalty, he appeared unrepentant, stating, “It’s ok, I’m rich,” and expressing confidence in recouping the money through future successes in the ring.

This incident highlights the delicate balance wrestlers must maintain between their in-ring personas and the expectations of professional conduct.

While edgy promos are a staple of wrestling entertainment, there are boundaries that, when crossed, can lead to repercussions.

AEW’s Stance on Professional Conduct

AEW, like other wrestling promotions, has a code of conduct that its performers are expected to follow. This includes maintaining a level of professionalism during televised events, where a wide audience, including younger viewers, is exposed to their content.

The fine imposed on Austin Gunn serves as a reminder that while wrestlers are encouraged to be larger-than-life characters, they must also uphold certain standards of decency and respect, especially towards fans.


  • What did Austin Gunn say to get fined? Austin Gunn made derogatory remarks towards MJF and the AEW fans, which led to his fine.
  • How much was Austin Gunn fined? He was fined $500 for his comments.
  • Why are wrestlers fined for certain remarks? Wrestlers are fined for remarks that cross the line of professional conduct, especially those that are disrespectful towards fans.
  • Will this incident affect Austin Gunn’s career? It’s unclear how this will impact his career long-term, but it adds interest to his upcoming matches.
  • Is swearing common in wrestling promos? While edgy language is common, there are limits to what is acceptable, especially on televised events.
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