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AEW star calls critics “pathetic” following AEW Rampage botch reaction

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In a recent episode of AEW Rampage, aired on January 5th, 2023, a notable incident occurred involving Jeff Hardy, a seasoned professional wrestler.

During a match, Jeff attempted a move off his brother Matt Hardy’s back but unfortunately slipped, leading to a flurry of social media commentary and criticism.

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AEW Rampage Botch: Matt Hardy’s Defence of His Brother

Matt Hardy quickly came to his brother’s defence. He addressed the situation by stating that slips like these are common in wrestling and can happen to anyone.

Matt pointed out that Jeff had experienced similar mishaps throughout his career, spanning from the 90s to the present day. He emphasised that such incidents are part and parcel of the wrestling business.

Matt Hardy went further to criticise those on social media who were attempting to spin a negative narrative about Jeff’s skills.

He labelled these critics as “pathetic” and dismissed them as mere haters. His words were a clear message to those quick to judge, highlighting the challenges and unpredictability inherent in professional wrestling.

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AEW Rampage Botch: Clarifying Misconceptions

In addition to defending his brother’s recent slip, Matt Hardy also clarified another incident involving Jeff’s execution of the ‘Whisper in the Wind’ move. He explained that while the recent slip was unintentional, the ‘Whisper in the Wind’ incident was actually a planned part of the match.

This clarification was an attempt to set the record straight and showcase the complexity and thought that goes into wrestling choreography.

Matt expressed pride in Jeff’s performance and his continuous improvement and growing confidence since returning to wrestling.

He praised his brother’s dedication and resilience, underscoring the hard work and commitment required to succeed in the wrestling industry.

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  • What happened to Jeff Hardy on AEW Rampage?
    • Jeff Hardy slipped during a move in a match on AEW Rampage.
  • How did Matt Hardy respond to the critics?
    • Matt Hardy called the critics “pathetic” and defended his brother, stating that slips are common in wrestling.
  • Was there another incident involving Jeff Hardy that Matt clarified?
    • Yes, Matt clarified that a previous ‘botch’ of the ‘Whisper in the Wind’ move was actually intentional.
  • What does this incident reveal about professional wrestling?
    • It highlights the unpredictability and physical demands of wrestling, along with the importance of resilience and continuous improvement.
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