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AEW star gets SUPERKICKED onto How I Met Your Mother Star at Indie show

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In a turn of events that pretty much no one saw coming, the world of professional wrestling collided with Hollywood in a spectacular fashion. At the Republic Of Lucha’s show on Monday, October 30th, AEW wrestler Penta El Zero Meido faced off against Impact Wrestling alumnus Sami Callihan.

But the real surprise of the evening was the unexpected involvement of popular actor Jason Segel, best known for his role in the hit TV series “How I Met Your Mother”.

A Star-Studded Evening

The night began with Callihan singling out Segel, who was in attendance. The former Impact Wrestling star didn’t hold back, throwing shade at the actor.

However, things took a dramatic turn during the main event. In a sequence that left fans in disbelief, Penta found himself out of the ring, ending up on Segel’s lap.

Without missing a beat, Callihan seized the moment, delivering a superkick that involved both Penta and the (apparently) unsuspecting actor.

Penta’s Busy Schedule with AEW and Indies

Penta El Zero Meido, a prominent figure in AEW, has had a packed schedule with the promotion.

His appearance at the indie show and the subsequent events of the evening have only added to his growing reputation in the wrestling world.

On the other hand, Sami Callihan, once a mainstay in Impact Wrestling, is currently exploring opportunities as a free agent.

Social Media Buzz

The incident quickly gained traction on social media, with fans sharing their disbelief and amusement. Tweets flooded in, with one user stating, “didn’t expect to spend my Monday night watching Jason Segel and Penta getting superkicked at @republicoflucha but here we are.”

The unexpected crossover between the worlds of wrestling and Hollywood certainly provided fans with a memorable moment.

Other Highlights from AEW

In other AEW-related news, the latest edition of “AEW Timelines” showcased MJF’s AEW World Title reign. Additionally, in the spirit of Halloween, AEW released some nostalgic photos of their talents celebrating the spooky holiday as children.

The promotion also imagined “Timeless” Toni Storm as the Bride of Frankenstein, adding a touch of cinematic horror to the festivities.


  • Who are Penta El Zero Meido and Sami Callihan?
    • Penta El Zero Meido is a wrestler with AEW, while Sami Callihan is a former Impact Wrestling star and is currently a free agent.
  • Why was Jason Segel at the Republic Of Lucha’s show?
    • Jason Segel was in attendance as a spectator. His involvement in the events of the evening was unplanned.
  • What happened between Penta, Callihan, and Segel?
    • During the main event, Penta was thrown out of the ring, landing on Segel’s lap. Callihan then delivered a superkick involving both Penta and Segel.
  • Has there been any response from Jason Segel?
    • As of now, there hasn’t been any official statement from Jason Segel regarding the incident.
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