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AEW name was on a flight during a FRIGHTENING incident

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Alex Marvez, a well-known backstage interviewer for AEW (All Elite Wrestling), recently shared a harrowing experience he had on a flight.

He took to Twitter to confirm that he was on a flight from Charlotte, NC to Gainesville, Florida, which experienced a sudden and terrifying drop of thousands of feet within mere seconds.

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The Incident in Detail after AEW Collision

Marvez was returning from an 11-day work trip, which involved commitments for both AEW and SiriusXM radio. He was wrapping up his duties after AEW’s event in Greensboro, NC, which took place on August 12th. However, the end of his trip was far from smooth.

In a tweet, Marvez expressed his distress over the incident, stating it wasn’t the ideal way to conclude his extensive road trip.

He shared a news piece from Charlotteโ€™s WBTV that covered the incident, confirming his presence on the affected flight.

Passengers’ Panic

The situation on the flight was intense. Another passenger interviewed by WBTV revealed that oxygen masks were released as the plane took a sharp descent, dropping a staggering 15,000 feet in just three minutes.

Such rapid descents can be extremely disorienting and frightening for passengers, leading to panic and distress.

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AEW Community’s Response

The wrestling community, especially fans and members of AEW, expressed their concern and relief on social media platforms.

Many were glad to hear that Marvez, along with all other passengers, was safe after such a traumatic experience.

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