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AEW star seemingly has LAST MATCH in the company at Worlds End

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In what appears to be a significant turning point in his professional wrestling career, Andrade El Idolo may have had his last match with All Elite Wrestling (AEW) at the AEW Worlds End event.

The air was thick with anticipation as Andrade, accompanied by his manager CJ Perry, made his entrance, signalling what could be the end of an era in All Elite Wrestling.

Reports of AEW Departure and Disagreement

Sources close to the situation, including Fightful Select, PWInsider, and WrestlePurists, have confirmed that Andrade El Idolo is likely set to part ways with AEW following the Worlds End event.

The departure comes amidst reports of a major disagreement and a general sense of discontent from Andrade, who had reportedly expressed his desire to leave the company.

The Match: A Fitting End?

In a match that could be his last with AEW, Andrade faced a formidable opponent. The bout concluded with Andrade succumbing to Miro’s finishing submission move.

This moment not only marked the end of the match but possibly the end of Andrade’s journey with AEW. Following the match, CJ Perry and her husband, Miro, left together, adding another layer of intrigue to the evening.

The Aftermath and Future Speculations

Andrade’s potential departure from AEW raises several questions about his future in professional wrestling. His tenure with AEW has been marked by memorable matches and significant storylines, making his exit a notable event in the wrestling world.


  • What was Andrade El Idolo’s last match in AEW?
    • It appears that Andrade’s last match in All Elite Wrestling was at the Worlds End event, where he faced Miro.
  • Why is Andrade El Idolo leaving AEW?
    • Reports suggest that Andrade decided to leave All Elite following a major disagreement and a general sense of dissatisfaction with the company.
  • Who accompanied Andrade in his last match?
    • CJ Perry, Andrade’s manager, accompanied him during his entrance at the Worlds End event.
  • What was the outcome of Andrade’s last match?
    • Andrade lost the match after submitting to Miro’s finishing submission move.
  • What does Andrade’s departure mean for All Elite Wrestling?
    • Andrade’s departure signifies a significant loss for the company, as he was a prominent figure in the company and contributed to many memorable moments.
  • Is there any indication of Andrade’s future plans in wrestling?
    • As of now, there are no clear indications of Andrade’s future plans in the wrestling industry following his departure from AEW.
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