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Former AEW star PULLS OUT of GCW booking amid WWE return rumours

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In a surprising turn of events, Andrade El Idolo, a prominent figure in the wrestling world and former AEW star, has withdrawn from an upcoming Game Changer Wrestling (GCW) event, fuelling speculation about his potential return to WWE.

This development comes after Andrade’s notable absence from the wrestling scene following his departure from All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

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Former AEW star Andrade’s Sudden GCW Withdrawal

Andrade was scheduled to face Jonathan Gresham at the GCW No Compadre event on January 12th.

However, GCW recently announced that Andrade would not be participating, and Lio Rush would replace him in the match.

The reasons behind Andrade’s withdrawal were not disclosed, leading to widespread speculation about his future career moves.

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WWE Return on the Horizon for Former AEW star?

The wrestling community is abuzz with rumours that Andrade’s withdrawal from the GCW event is a precursor to his return to WWE.

His exit from AEW and the subsequent clearing of his schedule are seen as indications of a possible WWE comeback. While his contractual status remains unclear, there is a growing belief that Andrade might have already re-signed with WWE.

Andrade’s potential return to WWE is particularly intriguing, given his previous tenure with the company. His skills and charisma had made him a fan favourite, and his return could be a significant boost for WWE’s roster.

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  • Why did Andrade withdraw from the GCW event?
    • The exact reason for Andrade’s withdrawal is not disclosed, but it’s speculated to be related to his potential WWE return.
  • Has Andrade re-signed with WWE?
    • As of now, there’s no official confirmation about Andrade re-signing with WWE, though rumours suggest it’s a possibility.
  • What was Andrade’s role in AEW?
    • Andrade was a prominent wrestler in AEW, known for his charismatic presence and in-ring abilities.
  • Who will replace Andrade in the GCW event?
    • Lio Rush will replace Andrade in the upcoming GCW No Compadre event.
  • Could Andrade’s move affect other wrestlers?
    • Yes, Andrade’s decision could influence the career paths of other wrestlers and the dynamics between wrestling promotions.
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