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AEW star needs ADDITIONAL SURGERY dashing hopes for return

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In a recent development that has sent ripples through the world of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), the popular luchador Bandido faces a significant setback in his career.

After suffering a broken wrist during an AEW Rampage match in June, Bandido’s much-anticipated return to the ring has been put on hold due to the need for additional surgery.

Bandido’s journey since the injury has been fraught with challenges. Initially expected to make a comeback after a period of recovery, the wrestler’s situation took a turn for the worse.

It was revealed that his wrist had not healed as anticipated by Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, necessitating further surgical intervention. This news is particularly disheartening for Bandido, known for his charisma and high-flying wrestling style, which relies heavily on wrist strength and agility.

Impact on Bandido’s AEW Career

The need for additional surgery is more than a mere physical setback for Bandido; it’s a blow to his professional trajectory in AEW.

Before the injury, Bandido was on the cusp of cementing his status as a major star within the promotion. This unforeseen delay not only hampers his momentum but also raises questions about his future in-ring capabilities.

AEW’s Response and Fan Reactions

AEW, known for its dynamic roster and thrilling matches, has expressed concern over Bandido’s condition. The wrestling community and fans have also shown their support, eagerly awaiting updates on his recovery.

Bandido’s situation has sparked discussions about the physical toll of professional wrestling and the importance of adequate recovery time for athletes.

Looking Ahead: Recovery and Return

As Bandido prepares for his additional surgery, the focus is on ensuring a full and proper recovery. The wrestling world is hopeful that this procedure will pave the way for his successful return to AEW.

Fans and fellow wrestlers alike are rooting for Bandido, eager to see him back in action, showcasing the talent and charisma that have made him a beloved figure in the sport.


  • What injury did Bandido suffer?
    • Bandido suffered a broken wrist during an AEW Rampage match in June.
  • Why does Bandido need additional surgery?
    • His wrist did not heal as expected, necessitating further surgical intervention.
  • How has this affected Bandido’s career?
    • The additional surgery has delayed his return to AEW, impacting his momentum and raising concerns about his future performance.
  • What is the wrestling community’s reaction to Bandido’s situation?
    • The community, including fans and fellow wrestlers, has shown concern and support, eagerly awaiting updates on his recovery.
  • When is Bandido expected to return to AEW?
    • The timeline for Bandido’s return is currently uncertain and depends on the success of his upcoming surgery and recovery process.
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