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AEW star reveals terrible extent of prior alcoholism

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In a candid revelation that has shocked many in the professional wrestling community, AEW World Tag Team Champion Big Bill opened up about his harrowing journey through severe alcoholism and his triumphant path to sobriety.

His story, shared during the post-show media scrum of AEW Full Gear 2023, highlights not only his personal struggles but also the redemptive power of professional wrestling in his life.

AEW star Big Bill: The Dark Days of Addiction

Big Bill’s descent into addiction reached its nadir between 2018 and 2019. He described this period as the lowest point of his life, where his addiction was in “full force.”

Confined to his apartment, he spent his days drinking from sunrise to sunset, a routine that he feared would lead him to “drink himself to death.”

This phase marked a significant departure from the vibrant life he once knew, dominated by a sense of hopelessness and isolation.

Wrestling as a Beacon of Hope

Remarkably, it was his first love, professional wrestling, that ignited the spark of change in Big Bill. Recalling his childhood memories of attending shows at Madison Square Garden, he realised that wrestling could be his salvation.

This epiphany was a turning point, as he began to believe that not only could he return to the wrestling world, but he could also ascend to its very pinnacle.

Belief in Self-Transformation

A critical factor in Big Bill’s recovery was his unwavering belief in himself. He emphasised the importance of genuine self-belief, contrasting it with the hollow confidence often displayed in the industry.

His conviction that he could overcome his addiction and return to the top of professional wrestling was not just a hope; it was a belief deeply ingrained in his psyche.

A Message of Hope

Big Bill’s candid disclosure of his struggles with alcoholism serves as a powerful message of hope to others facing similar battles.

His journey demonstrates that with determination, support, and a belief in oneself, it is possible to overcome even the most daunting challenges.


  • What did Big Bill reveal about his past? Big Bill revealed his severe struggle with alcoholism, where he would drink incessantly from morning till night.
  • How did he overcome his addiction? He credits professional wrestling and his deep-rooted love for it as the key factors in overcoming his addiction and achieving sobriety.
  • What does Big Bill’s story signify? His story is a powerful testament to the possibility of recovery and transformation through self-belief, determination, and finding a purpose.
  • What is Big Bill’s current status in professional wrestling? He is currently the AEW World Tag Team Champion, symbolizing his successful return to the top of the wrestling world.
  • What message does Big Bill’s journey convey? His journey conveys a message of hope and resilience, demonstrating that it’s possible to overcome severe challenges and achieve one’s dreams.
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