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FREE AGENT confirms she has SIGNED with AEW

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In a significant move for All Elite Wrestling (AEW), Billie Starkz, one of the most promising young talents in the wrestling world, has officially announced her signing with the promotion.

This news has sent ripples through the wrestling community, with fans and experts alike eager to see what she brings to the AEW roster.

Billie Starkz’s addition to AEW is noteworthy not just because of her immense talent, but also because she now stands as the youngest female talent in the promotion.

While there were whispers about her signing after Tony Schiavone hinted at it, it was only recently that Starkz herself confirmed the news. Interestingly, despite the confirmation from both parties, the official “All Elite” graphic showcasing her as a signed talent hasn’t been unveiled as of this writing.

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Starkz Speaks on Wrestling Observer Live

During a recent appearance on Wrestling Observer Live, Starkz shed light on her current status with AEW. She enthusiastically stated, “I am a signed talent at AEW.”

This direct confirmation has put to rest any lingering doubts about her association with the promotion.

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Recounting the AEW WrestleDream 2023 Experience

Billie Starkz didn’t just stop at confirming her AEW signing. She went on to share her experiences from WrestleDream 2023, where she had the opportunity to compete in a mixed-tag match.

Partnering with the likes of Satoshi Kojima and Keith Lee, she faced formidable opponents such as Lee Moriarty, Shane Taylor, Diamante, and Mercedes Martinez.

Starkz expressed her excitement about the match, especially about teaming up with her mentor, the ‘Bread Man’ Kojima, and Keith Lee.

She fondly recalled seeing Lee Moriarty, a close friend, across the ring and the thrill of watching him in action.

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  • Who is Billie Starkz?
    • Billie Starkz is a professional wrestler who has recently signed with All Elite, making her the youngest female talent in the promotion.
  • Has Billie Starkz officially confirmed her signing with All Elite Wrestling?
    • Yes, Billie Starkz confirmed her signing with AEW during an appearance on Wrestling Observer Live.
  • Who were Billie Starkz’s partners and opponents at WrestleDream 2023?
    • At WrestleDream 2023, Billie Starkz teamed up with Satoshi Kojima and Keith Lee to face Lee Moriarty, Shane Taylor, Diamante, and Mercedes Martinez in a mixed tag match.
  • How did Billie Starkz feel about her WrestleDream 2023 match?
    • Starkz expressed immense excitement about the match, especially about teaming up with her mentor and facing her close friend, Lee Moriarty.

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