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Bobby Fish comments on bizarre absence of Adam Cole

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Adam Cole has been out of action for several months now. He hasn’t wrestled for AEW since the Forbidden Door PPV in June and the promotion hasn’t provided any real update on his injury or comeback. The lack of concrete details about his disappearance or return has led to concerns among many people.

Bobby Fish who is one of the closest friends of the former Undisputed Era leader was asked about his former teammate during an interview with Steve Fall. Commenting on it, the former NXT star explained that there is no off-season in wrestling

‘You know, our business is a rough business, but it’s the only contact sport really with no off season. You know, even like MMA and stuff. You know, guys will train for a fight camp, have the fight, and then they’re off for a bit, and like, sometimes people I think lose their minds when it comes to a guy stepping away for a little bit. Sometimes it’s injury related and sometimes it’s not as injury related as people think.”

Bobby Fish on Adam Cole

The former AEW employee then hinted that Cole’s issues are personal. Bobby Fish also claimed that the former NXT champion just needs time and he’ll be back:

“I just think the appetite that the wrestling audience has to know everything, it just gets bizarre sometimes. I mean, sometimes like, you know, people need to be human beings because at the end, none of us are performers 24/7. So, yeah, when people need to go away, give them their space. Give them some time. You know, they’ll be back.’

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Martin MacDonald