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Former WWE Superstar reveals why he LEFT AEW amid contract talks

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Professional wrestling is a world of ever-shifting allegiances, contracts, and career moves. One such move that caught the attention of fans and pundits alike was Bobby Fish’s departure from AEW.

Despite a memorable stint with the promotion, Fish’s exit raised eyebrows. Let’s delve into the reasons behind this surprising decision.

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Bobby Fish’s Memorable AEW Journey

Bobby Fish’s tenure in AEW, though brief, was nothing short of eventful. Fans witnessed him reuniting with his Undisputed Era mates, Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole.

Together, they posed a formidable challenge for the TNT and AEW World Tag Team Championship. However, as eventful as his journey was, it was the abrupt end that left many in suspense.

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The Heart of the Matter: Contract Negotiations

Fish’s departure wasn’t due to any animosity or backstage drama. Instead, it boiled down to the age-old issue of contract negotiations. In a candid chat with Developmentally Speaking, Fish shed light on the matter.

He had only agreed to a one-year contract with AEW. The reason? He felt that Tony Khan, AEW’s president, wasn’t offering him a fair share.

Fish emphasised the importance of knowing one’s worth. He believed that his value was higher than what was being offered. Both parties tried to find a middle ground, but unfortunately, they couldn’t reach a consensus.

Fish stated, “I put a higher price tag on my value than they were, and we tried to see if there was someplace to meet in the middle, and at that time there just wasn’t.”

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No Hard Feelings

Despite the contract impasse, Fish harbours no resentment towards AEW. He fondly recalls his one-year stint with the promotion and appreciates the opportunities he received.

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Life After AEW

Post his AEW exit, Bobby Fish didn’t stay away from the ring for long. He soon made his presence felt in Impact Wrestling. Fans saw him in action at 2022’s Victory Road.

Not long after, he made his in-ring debut for the company at Bound For Glory 2022.

Although he didn’t clinch the Impact World Championship against then-champion Josh Alexander, his wrestling journey continued.

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