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BRAND NEW AEW World Title design LEAKS

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The world of professional wrestling is abuzz with the latest developments from All Elite Wrestling (AEW). A significant change is on the horizon as the AEW World Title is set to undergo a transformation, with a new design recently leaked online.

This news has sparked considerable interest and speculation among fans and insiders alike.

Samoa Joe’s Vision for the AEW World Title

Samoa Joe, a prominent figure in AEW, has been vocal about his intentions to revamp the AEW World Title.

His dissatisfaction with the current Burberry title design was evident, and he has been adamant about introducing a more respectable and fitting championship belt.

This move aligns with Joe’s vision of elevating the prestige of the AEW Championship.

The New Design: A Fresh Look

Details about the new design have been scarce, but recent leaks have shed some light on what fans can expect. The new title reportedly features the AEW logo set against a sleek black background, a departure from the previous design.

This change suggests a more classic and timeless look, aligning with the traditional aesthetics of championship belts in professional wrestling.

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AEW World Title: Customisation and Personalisation

An interesting aspect of the new design is the introduction of side plate options. This feature was recently highlighted when Tony Khan, AEW’s President, presented a custom title to the Clemson Tigers following their victory in the AEW TaxSlayer bowl.

The customisation aspect adds a personal touch to the championship, allowing champions to imprint their legacy on the title.


  • What changes are being made to the AEW Championship?
    • The AEW World Title is undergoing a design change, featuring a new look with the AEW logo on a black background and options for customisable side plates.
  • Why is the AEW Championship design changing?
    • The change is part of Samoa Joe’s vision to present a more respectable and traditional championship belt, moving away from the previous Burberry design.
  • When will the new AEW World Title design be officially unveiled?
    • The official unveiling date has not been announced yet, but fans are eagerly awaiting its reveal.
  • Can champions customise the new AEW World Title?
    • Yes, the new design includes options for customisable side plates, allowing champions to personalise the belt.
  • How has the wrestling community reacted to the leaked design?
    • The wrestling community is abuzz with anticipation and curiosity, with many fans eager to see how the new design compares to previous versions.
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