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MASSIVE AEW star was reportedly ALREADY INJURED before Dynamite match

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Bryan Danielson, the former WWE Champion and a massive star in the All Elite Wrestling (AEW) roster, was reportedly already injured before his match on AEW Dynamite aired on 10/25.

Danielson, known for his resilience and fighting spirit, broke his orbital bone. While many believed the injury occurred during the Dynamite match, video evidence from the event suggests otherwise.

Contrary to popular belief, Danielson did not sustain the injury during the match. This revelation has left fans and experts puzzled, leading to speculations about when and how the injury actually took place.

Bryan Danielson AEW Injury: Wrestling Observer Radio Sheds Light

Dave Meltzer recently provided some insights on Wrestling Observer Radio. According to him, Bryan Danielson had already walked into the AEW Dynamite event with the injury.

AEW management, aware of his condition, orchestrated the match in such a way as to make it seem as if he got injured during the bout.

Meltzer mentioned, “Danielson went in with a black eye. They didn’t know how serious he was, because obviously, he worked on it. They shot the angle to take him out during the match.”

The actual cause of the injury? A seemingly innocuous clash of heads. “It was basically a fluke. It wasn’t one of those things where he got hit too hard or anything. Andrade was doing a spinning elbow, and Danielson’s head was in one place and they bonked heads,” Meltzer explained.

Surgery Speculations

Post the Andrade match, there were murmurs that Danielson might require surgery. However, Bryan Alvarez, another wrestling expert, hinted that surgery might not be on the cards for Danielson.

It is now believed however that he HAS undergone surgery on his orbital bone.


  • What injury did Bryan Danielson sustain?
    • Bryan Danielson broke his orbital bone.
  • Did he get injured during the AEW Dynamite match?
    • No, video evidence suggests he was already injured before the match.
  • How did the injury occur?
    • It was a result of a fluke incident where he and Andrade accidentally clashed heads.
  • Will Bryan Danielson require surgery?
    • There are speculations, but it’s believed that he hasn’t undergone surgery yet.
  • Is Bryan Danielson currently wrestling?
    • No, he is currently out of action due to his injury.
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