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HUGE AEW star reveals they may NEVER be 100% following injury

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Bryan Danielson, a colossal name in the professional wrestling realm and AEW, has recently voiced concerns about his recovery from a severe arm injury.

Despite his triumphant return to the ring, Danielson remains sceptical about ever regaining his full physical prowess.

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Bryan Danielson’s Unfortunate Injury in AEW

Earlier this year, the wrestling community was shocked to learn of Danielson’s arm injury.

Brie Bella, his wife, shed light on the severity of the injury, disclosing that Danielson had suffered a complete break in his arm during an AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door event.

The injury turned out to be more grievous than initially perceived.

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The Road to Recovery

Danielson’s resilience is commendable. He has already made a comeback, delivering solid performances in the ring. However, the shadow of his injury looms large.

In a candid conversation with Sports Nightly, Danielson provided insights into his current physical state. He highlighted the metal rod in his arm, which, while providing support, also poses a risk. The rod’s end could be a potential weak point, making the arm susceptible to another break.

Furthermore, Danielson expressed that the continuous strain of wrestling might be hindering the complete healing of his arm.

He remarked, “It’s doing okay. I think by continually wrestling on it, I’m slowing it down from healing 100%. We older wrestlers like to say, we never anticipated being 100% ever again. So I think that’s kind of where I’m at. It’s fully functional. I can do pull-ups and I can do all these different sorts of things.”

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The Risks Involved

The insertion of the rod, fortified with nine screws, ensures that the bone remains intact. However, the real concern, as pointed out by doctors, is the potential nerve and muscle damage.

The rod acts as a fulcrum, making the arm vulnerable at the point where the rod concludes. This vulnerability is compounded by the fact that Danielson wrestled for a good ten minutes with a broken arm, further aggravating the injury.

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Recent Matches and Future Prospects

Despite the challenges, Danielson remains undeterred. He recently faced Christian Cage in a gripping episode of AEW Collision, vying for the TNT Championship.

Although he did not emerge victorious, fans are eager to see if Danielson will clinch a championship title in AEW in the future.


  • Who is Bryan Danielson?
    • Bryan Danielson is a renowned professional wrestler, known for his dedication and prowess in the ring.
  • What was the nature of Bryan Danielson’s injury?
    • Danielson suffered a complete break in his arm during an AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door event.
  • Has Bryan Danielson returned to wrestling after his injury?
    • Yes, Danielson has made a comeback and has been actively participating in matches.
  • What are the concerns regarding his injury?
    • While the bone is supported by a metal rod, there are concerns about potential nerve and muscle damage, especially at the point where the rod ends.
  • Did Bryan Danielson win the TNT Championship against Christian Cage?
    • No, Danielson did not win the championship in the match against Christian Cage.
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