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MASSIVE AEW star wanted to have MMA fight

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In a surprising revelation, Brie Garcia, formerly known as Brie Bella in WWE, disclosed in a recent ESPN MMA interview that her husband, Bryan Danielson, a prominent star in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), had once expressed a strong desire to compete in a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fight.

This news has sparked considerable interest in the wrestling and MMA communities, shedding light on the aspirations and challenges faced by professional wrestlers when considering a transition to different combat sports.

Bryan Danielson’s MMA Aspirations Beyond AEW

Bryan Danielson, widely recognised for his exceptional grappling skills and technical prowess in the wrestling ring, had shown a keen interest in testing his abilities in the MMA arena.

According to Brie, Danielson’s inclination towards MMA wasn’t just a fleeting thought but a serious consideration. His background and training with UFC fighters provided him with a solid foundation that could have potentially translated well into the Octagon.

However, despite his enthusiasm and capability, there were significant concerns regarding his health. Danielson’s history of concussions was a major factor that influenced the decision against pursuing an MMA career. Brie emphasised her concerns as a wife, prioritizing his long-term health and well-being over the immediate allure of an MMA fight.

She highlighted the importance of considering the future, especially with their approaching 10-year wedding anniversary and the prospect of many more years together.

Medical Concerns and Family Priorities for AEW star

The decision for Danielson not to step into the MMA world was not solely influenced by family concerns. Medical professionals, including doctors and the medical team, advised against it.

The risks associated with combat sports, particularly for someone with a history of concussions, were deemed too high. This collective advice played a crucial role in steering Danielson away from an MMA venture.

Brie’s perspective as a wife and mother brought an additional layer of consideration to the decision. Her focus on the longevity and quality of life for their family underscored the importance of health over short-term achievements in the sports world.

The Intersection of Wrestling and MMA

Danielson’s interest in MMA highlights the intriguing intersection between professional wrestling and mixed martial arts. Many wrestlers have transitioned between these two worlds, with varying degrees of success.

The skills, athleticism, and showmanship required in professional wrestling often translate well into MMA, but the physical demands and risks are markedly different.

This story of what could have been for Bryan Danielson in the MMA world adds another chapter to the ongoing narrative of wrestlers contemplating such career shifts.

It underscores the personal and professional considerations that athletes must weigh when exploring opportunities across different combat sports.


  • Who is Bryan Danielson?
    • Bryan Danielson is a professional wrestler currently with All Elite Wrestling (AEW), known for his technical wrestling skills.
  • Why did Bryan Danielson consider an MMA career?
    • He was interested in testing his grappling and combat skills in a different format and had trained with UFC fighters.
  • What stopped him from pursuing MMA?
    • Concerns over his history of concussions and the advice of medical professionals and his wife, Brie Garcia.
  • How does Brie Garcia view the situation?
    • She prioritized his long-term health and their family’s future over the short-term excitement of an MMA fight.
  • What does this story reveal about wrestlers moving to MMA?
    • It highlights the complex considerations, including health risks and family priorities, that wrestlers face when contemplating a transition to MMA.
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