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Bryan Danielson: Broken arm ‘worse’ than initially thought

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During the main event of the AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door pay-per-view in Toronto, Bryan Danielson, a prominent figure in AEW, took a severe hit’‹.

Trainers on the scene diagnosed him with a fractured arm, projecting a 6-to-8-week recovery period. However, recent updates from a close source indicate a much graver situation than initially assessed.

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A Surprising Revelation

Brie Bella, Bryan Danielson’s wife, recently shared an alarming update about her husband’s condition on her Instagram page.

An X-ray image of the broken arm was accompanied by a distressing message, indicating that the damage was more severe than the initial diagnosis suggested’‹.

Bella’s revelation has sent shockwaves throughout the wrestling community, raising concerns about the athlete’s career and future performances.

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Bryan Danielson: Wrestling With a Broken Arm

The intensity of Bryan Danielson’s commitment to his profession cannot be overstated. Despite the severity of his injury, Danielson continued to wrestle.

The sheer audacity of this act is nothing short of astounding. The fact that he wrestled with a fractured arm for any period is a testament to his dedication and fortitude’‹’‹.

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The Impact on Danielson’s Career

While Bryan Danielson’s resilience is commendable, his health remains a significant concern. With no clear indication of whether this new development will prolong the initial recovery estimate, his return to the ring remains uncertain.

Danielson had also previously mentioned tearing his labrum during his match with MJF at Revolution, suggesting that his physical condition had been compromised even before this incident.

Considering the cumulative damage, some time off to heal will undeniably do him good. However, the length and impact of this hiatus are still unknown.

This uncertainty poses questions about his career trajectory, the future of his current projects, and his role in forthcoming events.

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