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Bryan Danielson called a “f*cking hippie” by AEW rival

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In the high-octane world of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), verbal jabs can be just as impactful as physical ones. The latest example of this comes from Eddie Kingston, a prominent figure in the wrestling community, who didn’t mince words when describing his AEW colleague, Bryan Danielson.

In a recent episode of the “Gabby AF” podcast, Kingston, known for his straightforward and unfiltered style, referred to Danielson as a “f*cking hippie” and a “tree-hugging motherf*ker.”

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Bryan Danielson vs Eddie Kingston: The Feud Intensifies

This heated exchange is the latest development in the ongoing rivalry between Kingston and Danielson.

The tension reached a new high when Kingston defeated Danielson in the Continental Classic Blue League Semi-Final on the December 27th episode of AEW Dynamite.

Kingston’s victory added fuel to the already fiery feud, leading to his unapologetic remarks on the podcast.

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Kingston’s Unabashed Attitude

Kingston, a Triple Crown Champion, has always been known for his candidness. During the podcast, he embraced the labels others have given him, such as “King of the Bums” and “King of the Underdogs.”

He expressed indifference to the judgments he has faced throughout his wrestling career, stating that he has been frequently judged and it doesn’t bother him.

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  • Who is Eddie Kingston?
    • Eddie Kingston is a professional wrestler and Triple Crown Champion, known for his outspoken and unfiltered personality.
  • What did Eddie Kingston say about Bryan Danielson?
    • Kingston referred to Danielson as a “fcking hippie” and a “tree-hugging motherfker” on the “Gabby AF” podcast.
  • What sparked the feud between Kingston and Danielson?
    • The rivalry intensified after Kingston defeated Danielson in the Continental Classic Blue League Semi-Final.
  • Has Bryan Danielson responded to Kingston’s comments?
    • As of now, Danielson has not publicly responded to Kingston’s remarks.
  • What is the significance of their rivalry?
    • Their rivalry highlights the contrasting personalities and styles in AEW, adding an exciting dynamic to the wrestling narrative.
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