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Wrestling veteran evaluates Tony Khan’s booking style: “I consider him a matchmaker”

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Bully Ray believes Tony Khan is not like traditional bookers and instead, he is more of a matchmaker.

AEW has tried to differentiate themselves from the WWE booking style since the company’s inception. Apart from the traditional PPVs, the promotion is also known for shows such as Forbidden Door which are more exhibition based.

The Wrestling veteran shared his thoughts on Khan’s booking style during the latest episode of Busted Open Radio. The former WWE star explained that traditional bookers rely heavily on storytelling. According to Bully Ray however, Tony is more of a matchmaker:

“If you look at who’s telling the stories, these are some of Tony’s favourites and he allows them to tell these stories. I don’t consider Tony a traditional booker who relies on heavy storytelling. I consider Tony a matchmaker. A guy who puts matches together that he wants to see and hopes that his fanbase wants to see also. So that’s my assessment as to why we don’t get more storytelling across the board.”

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The Tony Khan Double-Edged Sword

Bully Ray explained that this booking philosophy is a double-edged sword. Because as opposed to having too many people, you have no one to talk to about things

“I’ve always looked at that as a very double-edged sword. because a lot of times there are too many people on creative and it’s not enough of one person’s vision. And then when you get only one person’s vision, you don’t really have a sounding board and you’re not gonna be able to really talk about things and sift through things and find out from anybody if a story is gonna work.”

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